An interview with Lindsey Byrnes

AE: What other projects are you currently working on or excited about coming up?
I’m going to go out on the road with Margaret Cho for a few dates and document that. I have never been out on a comedy tour and she is just an incredible person. She has been at it a long time and has a lot of knowledge. She is so funny and genuinely down to earth.

I just wrapped up a shoot for Rachel Antonoff, a New York Designer, for her next season, and I cannot wait until people see her collection — it’s brilliant.

I have art up in a group show called “Today” at 210 AR4T Space in Laguna Beach, which is very exciting. I have not made my prints available to the public since the last gallery show I was in, about four years ago. I wasn’t making showing a priority and so this is extremely exciting for me.

AE: Do you feel that your queerness has anything to do with your photography? Does it influence in any way?
Of course. Every part of me influences my work and my decisions and my life as a whole.

AE: What is your dream project?
This is going to sound super cheesy, but I really feel like I’m living my dream. Everything I do is as important to me as the next thing. Of course I have goals that I have set for myself and have aspirations and ambitions, like being a staff photographer for every huge magazine in existence and shooting Nike’s new print campaign. You know, small things like shooting the next cover of Vogue!

And in reality, I am very conscious of the fact that I am so very lucky to be doing what I do and really enjoy it. I’m just putting one foot in front of the other and trying to stay in the moment, you know? I’m stoked on what I’m doing and not getting caught up in what I am not doing.

Photography helps me to stay in the moment and I don’t want to live for the future; I want to live for right now. If I spend too much time in the past or the future, then I am not living the here and now and time is just wasted. I want to savor every moment.

I want to host a talk show but, like, all about sex. I want to be the Dr. Ruth of our generation; Dr. Drew without the actual Ph.D! Actually, I’m working with my friends, Jack and Rachel Antonoff, who have come up with a web series that they want to do. I will be a correspondent . Since I’m totally not a doctor it should be a complete s–t show.

AE: Is there anything that you want people to know about you as a person, photographer, artist, etc?
That is a great question. Of course there are a million things I want you to know about me, if it means you will like me more. Truthfully, I am just like any other insecure artist-type or human for that matter — I want to be adored and respected.

I don’t have an inflated idea of myself, or what I do. Most of the time I recognize that I’m merely a person recording moments in time with the push of a button. And sometimes I get to collaborate and create pieces of art. I am so lucky and am so grateful of all that I have.

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