An interview with Lily Loveless

DC: What did you think happened between Naomi and Emily over the summer that fell between series 3 and series 4?

LL: I think they went off and they had a really fun summer going to fun fairs, and just staying in bed a week at a time and just sort of being their age.

DC: What about the affair with Sophia?

LL: I think Naomi didn’t want to upset Emily because Emily’s very easy to upset, which I think Naomi also finds quite annoying because Naomi’s not like that at all. So she had to hide the fact that she was going to all these unis and that really pissed her off — the fact that she should just be allowed to tell her, and she should just be allowed to do what she wants. I don’t think she did it in spite, I don’t know.

Things just happen and you don’t think about them, and I don’t think she was thinking. It happened and she didn’t like feeling like she couldn’t do something, like she wasn’t allowed to do something. She wasn’t allowed to go look at unis because it would upset Emily, she wasn’t allowed to talk to another girl or sleep with another girl. Well, actually she can do what she wants because she’s her own person and she’s the only person she’s ever relied on. So then immediately afterwards, she would just feel full-blown, absolute guilt. I think guilt for something like that is probably a lot worse feeling than having someone doing it to you because you’ve broken your own heart and you’ve got the responsibility for it, which has got to be worse than someone hurting you because you’ve got nothing to feel bad about.

DC: Did you see it as a one-night stand where Sophia was more into it than Naomi was?

LL: Yes. Definitely, just a one-time thing.

DC: What do you think really happened between Naomi and Emily in the tent they shared with JJ in Effy’s episode from series 3?

LL: I don’t know, I don’t think it was very important. It was just the writers having a bit of a joke. To me, it was just something to make the audience laugh in such an intense episode.

DC: Did you ever subscribe to the idea that Emily was a stalker who wore Naomi down against her will?

LL: No, we joke about that but she’s not really because I don’t think she’d persist. Naomi is saying no, but she’s saying no [aside] yes; no, no, no [aside] yes, which makes Emily carry on, and Naomi knows that and she’s doing it in spite of herself.

DC: Do you think Naomi kept turning up to events with the gang because she knew Emily would be there?

LL: Yes, because she’s not really that interested in making friends, but she is interested in Emily. Like she is, but she’s not at the same time.

DC: For someone who’s not interested in friendship, Naomi behaves like a very good friend when she does things like covering for Panda by telling Panda’s mother that Thomas [Panda’s boyfriend] is actually her boyfriend.

LL: Naomi has this tough, scrappy exterior but she’s a lovely person — she is really lovely. I think she’s got a very good heart and that she’ll do anything for people she loves. So I think that’s just her; she’s a lovely person, she’s just misunderstood!

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