An interview with Lily Loveless

DC: Does it take you a while to come down emotionally after doing things like the rooftop scene in Emily’s episode?

LL: Yeah! We did that scene for about six hours — the scene took a lot longer than anyone would imagine. You just get really depressed because crying has that effect on you anyway, so if you have a crying scene in the morning you’ll feel like shit for the rest of the day. It’s quite confusing because you feel shit, but you’re not really sure why because nothing bad happened. So after that scene, me and Kat just got in the car and it was home time and it was like, "Oh god, this is so depressing!" We were in such horrible moods and its so wearing. It really takes so much out of you doing a scene like that; like emotionally and physically you just feel exhausted and you have to go to sleep.

DC: So even though you as Lily aren’t crying, you have to get yourself to that level of concentration and emotion for Naomi.

LL: Yeah, you have to feel it. Like when I’m acting with Kat, she’s Emily and I’m Naomi, in the storyline her girlfriend’s finding out that she’s cheated on her. That’s the most horrible thing that can happen to a relationship, so I felt that pain that Naomi was feeling, that Emily was feeling, and I was so sorry that Naomi had done that to her because I’m standing there saying it. So I felt all this guilt and all this sadness even though it wasn’t real. But I think that’s how I manage to perform like that.

DC: Since you had to completely inhabit Naomi and feel everything she feels, did you develop a running backstory of what happened between her and Emily beyond the things that were actually shown in the episodes?

LL: Yeah.

DC: Did you ever think about what Naomi and Emily’s first kiss was like?

LL: I did, and I think it wasn’t something very romantic. It was literally just a bit of a [mimes hesitant peck with an expression of shock] — very confused fourteen year old’s first kiss at a party in the garden. Not very romantic, just a bit of a — something that suddenly makes you think, ‘My first kiss and it was with a girl. That’s not meant to happen, is it?.’ I mean, you’re fourteen, that’s what you’re going to think. But I don’t think it was a romantic thing to look back on and reminisce about afterward.

DC: Did you see Emily as Naomi’s first full, sexual experience?

LL: I think Naomi had fooled around because in the scene with Cook, where they’re about to do it, she wouldn’t have been able to do that if that was her first. She felt very comfortable in fooling around with Cook, and I think she’d done that before. I’m not sure if she was a virgin before or not; I’d like to think she was a virgin but had sort of done everything but [sex] with a few boys.

DC: I think Naomily fans like that idea too.

LL: Well, I think that’s true. She liked having fun but she also had morals, not to say, "I’m not going to have sex till I’ve got married," but sort of like "I don’t really want to do it that much, so I’m not, so get out."

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