An interview with Laurel Holloman

AE: A few of your former co-stars have new gigs coming up in the fall: Jennifer with Ride-Along

I don’t know if you’ve seen the trailer, but it looks beautiful. I think that’s the perfect part for her. It’s going to be so uniquely different than Bette that people will see what an amazing range she has.

AE: Kate Moennig just booked Dexter

And Rose Rollins is playing a cop — and Janina [Gavankar] just signed with my management company and she’s playing a cop on The Gates. Lots of doctors and mothers.

AE: Plus Sarah Shahi on Facing Kate. If you had your pick of the lot, which show would you want to join?

For me, it doesn’t matter what the show is, it just matters if I like the character. I’m not sure that jumping in with another L Word-er is the right thing to do, either. You have to separate yourself a little bit. I loved Gigantic because I got to work Grace Gummer, who is Meryl Streep’s daughter, and she’s incredibly talented. And Marti is an amazing writer and creator; plus I got to work with Jamie Babbit and Angela Robinson and a lot of great directors who also were L Word writer-directors I loved hanging out with.

I’d love to work with Erin Daniels because we’re friends outside of the show and she’s so smart and has so many great ideas and is such a strong actress. She just had a baby, but she’s trying to find the right project. I’d love to do more with Rachel Shelley, Mia [Kirshner] or Kate.

AE: When will Gigantic air?

Gigantic is going to air in October on Teen Nick. I shot four episodes of that and it was a very different part than Tina, which was a lot of fun. We shot it last spring and into the fall. My character used to be a rock and roller and she’s a one-hit wonder who ends up in an abusive relationship and winds up raising her teenage son by herself and they have a very nontraditional relationship. It’s a very progressive story. Gigantic is about celebrity and nepotism. It’s like a Gossip Girl in Los Angeles with more comedy.

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