An interview with Laurel Holloman

AE: You’re active on Twitter, detailing your process as an artist and recently tweeted photos of your work. What has the response from fans been like?

I really owe the fans for getting my art out to people who weren’t fans of mine but were just fans of art. Now I would say about one-fourth of the sales are fans and all the rest are just collectors or people in the interior design industry. It has exploded in a way that I didn’t expect. It’s great that the fans are so supportive because I felt very vulnerable to artistically switch gears but I felt like I had to do it. Now I know I can’t stop. [Laughs]

AE: If you could map out how to spend a year between acting and painting, what would the balance be like?

I would love to be on a series that was ensemble-ish so I wasn’t spending five days a week not putting my kids to bed. Maybe shooting 10 to 12 episodes and then painting over the hiatus and having an art show or two a year. The commissions are now taking up a lot of time so it’s hard to focus on the art show right now. I love the challenge of a commission, though. I just got a commission from a yoga studio in Mumbai.

AE: I love that you and Jennifer Beals are both so artistic — you with painting and Jennifer with her photography.

She’s an amazing photographer. She’s been doing it for so long. Leisha [Hailey] is also an amazing painter. She’s a crazy artistic quadruple threat! I don’t think there’s anything Leisha can’t do. She painted a lot in her trailer.

AE: What did you think of Jennifer’s L Word photography book?

Oh my God, it’s like my family photo album. When I’m sad and I miss people I just open it up and look through it. I love it. It was such a gift. I know it’s a huge gift to the fans, but for me it is like my family album. They were like my family for years. These people watched my children grow and they watched me change and grow, too. They see everything; it’s a family. They see your good days and bad days and they make you want to laugh when you’re sad.

It’s unlike other television, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s so unique and special to have that many women on a show. It’s really hard for me to walk on to another set since then and it probably always will be. Maybe that’s why I’m painting so much right now — because I haven’t figured out what that next thing is for me.

AE: Do you miss acting?

Nope! I don’t. Not right now because I’ve been so immersed in painting that I’ve had that release. I think I’m more particular about what I like and that’s harder when it’s more competitive at the age that I am.

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