An interview with Laurel Holloman

AE: Did you watch Ilene Chaiken’s The Real L Word?

No. I do want to see that though. I’m really excited that she got that to happen and I know she’s probably done some amazing things with it. She’s such a creative, strong person and I think she’ll go on to do so many great things. But I haven’t watched that, either. It’s just me; I don’t sit down to watch TV. I have two kids under 5 and I’ve been painting for my website and for an upcoming show and my husband has been in China.

AE: Have you read anything about The Real L Word?

No. How was it?

AE: There was one specific episode that featured one of the cast members using a strap-on.

Whoa! That’s interesting. When I get back to L.A. and my house with Showtime, I’ll catch up on everything.

AE: In the six seasons on The L Word was there ever any discussion about a strap-on sex scene?

No, I don’t think so. It never came my way. No, I don’t know anything about it.

AE: Moving on, it’s now been about a year and a half since The L Word ended. What have you been up to? Have you gone on a lot of auditions?

Yeah, I have. I did something I knew I was going to do around the fifth season: we adopted our daughter, and then we went and finished the sixth season when she was 4 months old. Then, when I shot the third season, my oldest was 6 months old. So I knew that I would want a little bit of time — I wouldn’t have had two children if I wanted to jump back into a job — so I took some time and tried to focus on jobs that fit my life and I went and did Gigantic because of Marti Noxon, who worked on Angel and it was a really easy, light schedule and a fun role. I turned some things down and focused on painting because I could control my time schedule.

I came to New York in late April and I’ve been living in a painter’s loft until this week. I painted partially for a show in L.A. and for the launch of my website. I had my kids here and they had a great time. Now that my husband is back from China, we’re headed back to LA. I’m just trying to find the next thing and see where I land.

AE: What projects did you turn down?

I turned down the lead in an indie film that I didn’t really think was going to benefit me in any way. I was flattered to have the offer. It’s not that I don’t want to act it’s that these were the things that were already happening and I was so fulfilled by them that I just never stopped. I am so focused right now on my art that I haven’t really thought about acting.

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