An interview with Kristin Bauer

AE: That’s what’s great about True Blood — outside of just gay and straight you have to worry about who’s a shape-shifter, who’s a vampire — there are so many other things.

Isn’t it great? I think it’s such a metaphor for life. We’ve got so many different types of people. The more and more people we have, the more we’re living on top of each other so you have to tolerate differences. I love that that’s what this show is about.

AE: I think that’s why so many people like it. Evan Rachel Wood played the only other gay woman character, Queen Sophie-Ann, that was on last season — is she going to be involved in this season at all?

I wonder if they’ll get mad at me for saying, but yeah, she’s around.

AE: I haven’t checked around, but that may be common knowledge.

Everyone knows more than I do! When I go on Facebook, I see “Oh yeah, there are werewolves this year!”, you know? I find out everything through the fans. So yeah, she’s around.

AE: The fan base on the internet seems so crazy. Have you been to any of the events? Any of the comic cons or anything to meet anyone directly?

I did one. I did one this year just recently, and then I’m going to be doing Comic-Con and Dragon Con this year. It’s very interesting and fun to meet the fans.

AE: And now there’s going to be comic books and other things coming out for the show — it’s crazy.

It’s absolutely crazy, because you know, on set I’m just hoping I sound Swedish and I’m hoping I look immortal. Then I’m outside of that world and I go on Facebook or something and wow! We just have no idea what’s happening out there- it’s such an intense petri dish, creating the show.

AE: Anything else about the season that you can tease us with?

Every episode, every script that comes, becomes my favorite. Each one gets better and better. For me, better in the sense that I get to see another side of Pam. We’re really getting to know her this year. I can’t tell you what I’m shooting next week, but it is so awesome! It’s really kick-ass. And I promise you, the clothes will be as good as last year.

AE: And the shoes, I hope. It’s all about the shoes.

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