An interview with Kristin Bauer

AE: Is it fair to say you have a lot more screen time this season?

I do.

AE: I know you probably can’t give away too much, but are most of the scenes that you do with Eric? Because Pam is always with Eric and they’re always getting into their things together —

Yeah! They get into more shenanigans this year and more trouble. Also, what’s fun about the circumstances they’re under is that we get to see the depth of their relationship, you know, kind of a la Eric and Godrick’s relationship. So yeah, it’s really fun because we’re just peeling the onion a little more and I get to learn — and the audience gets to learn — about who this lady is beyond her sarcasm. But it’s always going to be there and it’s so much fun.

AE: So do you speak Swedish in real life, or is that something you had to adapt for the parts where you and Eric are speaking that?

Yeah, that was something I had to do for the part and it’s nerve-wracking, but it’s really fun. I just have to memorize consecutive sounds, so for me it’s just gibberish. I have no idea what I’m saying! I’m just trusting that Alex isn’t messing with me. That’s where I get it! They write it in English and I call Alex in a panic and he records it for me. And he’s all day long on set, you know, the poor guy has a whole scene to shoot and all day long, after every take, I don’t look at the director, I look at him and go “Yes? No?”

AE: Were you still on set or shooting when Anna Paquin came out as bisexual in that PSA that broke the internet for a little bit because it was so popular?

I was around, but I didn’t hear about it on the set. Someone else, not related to the show, told me. You know, I know Anna a bit so I wasn’t surprised. I kinda didn’t see what the reaction was online.

AE: It was for a PSA, so the site itself that had the PSA went down because it was so popular, because people were so intereted in seeing her talk about it.

Oh wow, that’s good. That’s great that she brought attention to it.

AE: The show itself is so gay-friendly, and you can see all the parallels to any civil rights movement with the vampires fighting for equal rights. Do you think that that’s something that the writers play up, or is it something that’s inherently part of the story that Charlaine Harris originally wrote?

Well, I’m not far along in the books, so I’m not sure how much, but — is Pam gay in the books?

AE: Well, from what I’ve read, it seems that when she was human, she had a boyfriend, but then later when she became a vampire she discovered that she was more into women. So, I guess she’s bisexual but she largely dates women when she’s a vampire later on.

OK, interesting. I suspect that it’s all just synchronicity. It’s gotta be a part of the books because Alan Ball is so attracted to —he saw that he could go even deeper with the theme of, you know, basically humanity, I feel. And he’s expanded upon it as well because of his reality and his life and what he looks at.

I just love — you know, I have no considerations about peoples’ sexuality or peoples’ color or peoples’ country of origin. So, to me, I’m always interested when it’s a little bit of a thing, and then I realize, oh yeah right, I’m from the midwest, I’ve lived in different parts of the country, and I just think it’s so wonderful.

I just wish these things could eventually become a non-issue. It seems like with this show it helps that a little bit because it’s so entertaining, it’s so colorful and so exciting. These themes don’t seem to be at the forefront because it’s so entertaining, but it’s there, which I really love.

You know, I’ve been online and working on my animal rights things and I was looking at the revolt in Taiwan with the red shirts, I guess they’re called, and I think, God, there’s so much going on — the oil spill — there’s so much serious, so many dire things going on, and I think, oh who cares who’s sleeping with who? Really? Honestly? This is what we’ve evolved to? We’re still worried about the top three layers of epidermis? I think maybe people need to get out more or travel more.

I love to be part of a show that doesn’t shy away from the whole rainbow — not to make a cliche — of life. The whole spectrum. You know, we’re gonna have to figure out how to live together, and we’re gonna have to figure out how to go, “OK, this is my thing, but if that’s your thing, cool. I’ve got my hands full over here with my life, I don’t need to worry about your life.”

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