An interview with Jackie Warner


AE: It’s funny because I feel like you are more of a type A personality and charismatic but you also struck me on the show as being a little shy and sensitive than I would attach to a stronger personality, is that fair to say?

I would say I am definitely sensitive. I’m a Leo, so I wear my heart on my sleeve. You always know how I’m feeling. Shy? I think that was more of me just being uncomfortable with the cameras. Not feeling in control of what was going on, so it made me quieter than I normally would be. It was extremely invasive and I had no control over the editing so it made me more reserved. But people are going to see a whole other side of me with this show which I’m more comfortable with.

AE: Speaking of Thintervention, can you give us a little preview of what’s to come?

I take seven people through a life changing journey over the course of eight weeks. We really go through emotional ups and downs and they were very very brave for allowing their personal lives to be exposed. They are very charismatic people and people are going to want to watch these little superstars coming out of their shells.

AE: Are you open about talking about your previous relationships?

No, I don’t mind, Mimi and I are like best friends now. We’re sisters. We see each other three to four times a week. We’re very close. Rebecca and I are best friends and see each other frequently too. The only person I didn’t remain close with was Brianna from Season 3.

AE: I don’t suppose you watch the shows from those seasons with them have you? Probably best not to do that.

[Laughs] No, I’m OK watching Work Out again.

AE: You used to be involved with Jillian Michaels who recently opened up about her bisexuality. The two of you seem to be on a pretty similar career path, has that pushed you to work harder and do you keep in touch at all?

I do keep in touch with Jillian! We try to grab dinner every couple of months or so because we’re so busy. I definitely like to keep up with her because she’s someone who has been in my life for so long now and I’m very proud of her achievements. We both started training together, so a lot of the things we did — we’re on a similar path, as you said. So I wish her nothing but the best.

AE: What are your thoughts on picking up people at the gym?

I think the gym is a great place to meet people and be single because it’s a much healthier environment than a bar. I don’t think people are behaving in their best way at a bar. So when you’re in a gym circumstance, you’re around people who are healthy and like-minded and personally for me that’s very important. I could never date someone who didn’t work out.

AE: What’s your favorite part, if you have one, of a woman’s body?

I don’t know if I have just one, because I love women so much I love every part of them. I’m not like a legs person, or butt or boobs. I just love women, so every single part of them is amazing.

AE: This is the more fun "getting to know you" segment. Is there a fashion trend that you think needs to go?

First of all, I really am sick of seeing girls in super short shorts that should not be wearing short shorts. Very few people can pull that look off , like very few. So definitely with the short shorts. Also, I’m sick of leggings with oversized tank-tops. It’s not sexy to me.

AE: Let’s say you’re going to a karaoke place with some friends — maybe you’ve been sipping on some of that Patron. What song do you sign up for?
I always sign up for Joan Jett andThe Blackhearts or “Lola” by The Kinks.


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