An interview with Jackie Warner

AE: On your Bravo show, Work Out you were very open and honest about your personal relationships, how has that affected you in life and on the dating scene?

Well I couldn’t have done it any other way because Work Out was sold based on the premise that I would share my personal life. So there was no doubt that I couldn’t have open discussions because that was about half the show. In terms of hurting me professionally it didn’t.

In terms of dating, whenever you’re a public personality, people think they know you anyway, so you kind of go into any situation with people have preconceived notions of you. Then it’s up to you or it’s up to me to define who I am quickly and honestly.

AE: With "reality TV" — and I want to put that in quotation marks because nothing is ever really “reality” once you’ve put it into the editing room — whoever is splicing it up is crafting the story to look the way they want it to. Do you think the editing was fair in what they did?

Well, I don’t think what they did was fair, but they’re trying to edit the show to get the highest amount of drama. So that’s why I would never do a docu-drama about my life ever again. I wasn’t comfortable with the editing, and what I shot after the hours and hours of footage wasn’t represented after the final editing and that was always disappointing to me. That’s sort of the game you’re in when you sign up for a reality show.

But it’s different for this new show that I’m shooting for Bravo because I’m executive producing it so I am in the editing room. It’s a whole different ballgame.

AE: It’s funny because when I originally sent out a note to my friends on Facebook and Twitter that I had the opportunity to interview you, it was mostly my straight girlfriends who got back to me right away with semi-inappropriate sexual questions for you. Why do you think you elicit that type of response from the, I guess, bi-curious ladies?

That is interesting isn’t it? I think that women are attracted to charisma and alpha personality types and I definitely represent that. I also think that I’m just masculine enough to be intriguing for them but also feminine enough for them to feel OK exploring their lesbianism.

AE: Well you’re rocking the longer hair now.

I know, and now I get hit on by straight girls more!

AE: Ha! Well they’re probably like, “Oooh you look like me! Let’s get it on!”

Now I get asked out by straight girls and men, I never get asked out by lesbians anymore.

AE: Oh no! Well, that could be interesting.

Well I only date gay women so it makes it a little harder but that just means I have to be more aggressive.

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