An interview with Jackie Warner

AE: Well I’m really happy to hear that drinks are an OK thing to use as your cheat meal because I find that for myself and my friends trying to lose weight, we struggle with the alcohol aspect of things.

Yeah, you can drink alcohol, you just have to plan it like everything else. Plan your time and consider that a cheat meal and plan accordingly.

AE: I know you should stay away from fruity drinks if you’re going out, but let’s say you are out at a bar and someone wants to buy you a drink: What should they order for you?

I’d have Patron silver over ice with water or a vodka soda because those only have about 65 calories and they’re lower in sugar.

AE: Probably stay away from shots yeah?

Well shots, I can’t even do those anymore. I like the high of tequila but I like to sip it slower. It’s a fun way to get your buzz on slowly. Shots aren’t even in my vocabulary anymore.

AE: How would you suggest trying to lose weight in a household where your partner is able to eat pretty much everything, so there’s stuff around, but you’re trying to lose weight?

You have to be a team. If your partner really loves you then they will help you clean up the closet and clean out the house and help you stay on track. If the food is in the house, you will eat it. So the first rule is to clean out the pantry and get rid of the processed foods and the sugars and that means all of the white bread, white pasta, all of that.

You have to sit down with your partner and really say, “Look I’m actively trying to lose weight and I need you to be on board with me on this and we need to do this as a couple.”

AE: Are there any exercises that you would suggest doing together?

I think it’s great to work out together but I don’t like exercises where you pair up necessarily because you don’t get the most effective workout. But I think it’s great for partners to hit the gym together or go for a hike together, take a bike ride together, take a class together. Try something you’ve both been curious about and do that together. When you do that together, it definitely increases your sex drive for each other and that’s going to increase the longevity of your relationship.

AE: I think that’s fantastic. You actually mention an increased libido in your book a lot, which I appreciate. Most people are looking for a physical change when they are trying to lose weight and sex is a lot of what they hope comes out of that.

Women tend to get into long-term monogamous relationships and — let me tell you — after a few years, the sex starts dropping. And the best way to revive that is to start a fitness program or to lose weight. That’s really sexy, when you take charge of your life like that, you become more attractive to your partner.

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