An interview with Hunter Valentine


AE: So Adrienne, how about your story?

Adrienne: What can I say that can even possibly compare to that?

Kiyomi: She’s still coming out every day.

AE: Ah yes, you’re officially coming out on, congrats! Tell me a little bit more about the album.

Kiyomi: Some of the songs were written like two years ago. It was really awesome to work with our producer Ian Thorton because we used him for one of our first real professional recordings almost five years ago.

Adrienne: Yeah before we had our first record deal we worked with Ian and it’s like, you always remember your first. We learned so much doing three songs with him.

Kiyomi: I think it was cool for him too because he got to see us grow and build so much from what we initially came to him with. We were probably really, really bad. It’s been five years, a lot of work and dedication and growing as a musician.

AE: Right now we’re doing the AfterEllen Hot 100 poll. If you had to nominate a few hot celebrity ladies, who would they be?

Kiyomi: Rachel McAdams.

Adrienne: Pink! Pink would be a Hunter Valentine pick, especially after that Grammy performance. Her acrobatic efforts are appreciated. Alicia Keys!

Kiyomi: Alicia Keys is one of my all-time favorites! There are so many. Natalie Portman — how many ladies do we get?

Hunter Valentine’s album, Lessons from the Late Night is available now, as is their new DVD, We’re Here to Recruit You.

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