An interview with Hesta Prynn


AE: But with clothes and such it seems that you are definitely playing with these non-applicable gender roles I mean in NS days you were in jeans and runners, now you are looking a little more — let’s say womanly. Dare I say slutty?
OMG! Lindsey did you just call me a slut? On this album, I sing a lot and there is an attitude to the music that is very sexy to me. It makes me want to dress in a sexier way — you know, dresses and long hair and stuff — but my performance style is definitely more Mick Jagger than Marilyn Monroe. I like blending those masculine/feminine identities onstage, same as I like blending dance and rock in my music. It ends up driving the dudes in the audience kind of bananas, which I find funny and also awesome. I like appealing to the guys but it’s really important to me to impress the women in the audience too. I try to be as powerful and creative as I can onstage and hopefully people are entertained or see themselves in me or both.

AE: What kinds of things are you writing and singing about?
I’m inspired by movies and books mostly, then the city and my own life. I’m not someone who writes terribly confessional lyrics, I prefer to sort of fantasize a scenario and write about that.

AE: Do you ever think that you will just one day start trying to make your fantasies a reality and write about that?
Who knows? After this interview runs, maybe I’ll get some offers!

AE: Ha! See, I knew you were a slut!
Bite your tongue!

Check out Hesta Prynn’s European tour dates with Tegan and Sara at her MySpace page and listen to a new track from her upcoming album below.

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