An interview with Hesta Prynn

AE: How long will this European tour be? Why Europe before the US?
The European tour will be about two weeks long — some dates with T&S and then the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park London on July 4. Going on tour with your friends is the s–t! I couldn’t be more excited, me and Sara e-mail about it every day!

AE: Are you nervous to go out with Tegan and Sara as they will be seeing you perform the new record for the first time?
They’ve actually both seen my live show a few times so it will be super fun. They are both so supportive and amazing to me and my music, I couldn’t be more grateful. Also T&S have the warmest most receptive audience. You couldn’t really ask for a better room of people.

AE: What are you doing leading up to the record?
I just shot a video for "Can We Go Wrong" here in NYC that is going to be dope. I did it with director Kurt St Thomas totally punk rock style all over Manhattan — on the subway, in the studio, on my roof, etc. It’s turning out sick, I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Kurt directed the first Northern State video for "At the Party," which was great for us. He also created Houndstooth radio which is a dope internet radio station that you should listen to. It’s basically like having a personal DJ 24/7. He’s an all around creative, amazing music guy with his hand in a lot of things. We had a blast together.

AE: How do you identify sexually?
Everyone is always trying to find out if I’m gay or not and I’ve never answered the question ’til now. For the record, I don’t identify as gay — though I’m certainly a queer ally — but I definitely subscribe to the idea that female sexuality is fluid. I’ve had crushes on girls before, I’ve made out with girls before. If I walk into a party, I’m generally struck by the beautiful women before I’m struck by the beautiful men. Women are amazingly beautiful and smart and interesting and sexy. Dudes are sexy too but in a different way, a simpler way. Flirting with a girl is totally different than flirting with a guy.

You know, I’ve never gone all the way with a girl but it’s definitely something that I fantasize about. I’ve always preferred lesbian porn to straight porn. I read a lot of lesbian erotica. It’s something I’m absolutely open to.

When I’m in bed with a guy that’s the time that I feel the most "feminine" in the conventional sense of the word, like I’m the girl and being overpowered and that’s cool and I like that. But in life in general and certainly on stage I feel very powerful and have kind of an in-your-face, New York, "f–k you" you kind of attitude. That’s typically considered "masculine". It’s a confusing and kind of antiquated thing — traditional gender roles — and I don’t think they really apply anymore.

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