An interview with Hesta Prynn

AE: I mean, yeah, you painted your crutches all black. Britney Spears didn’t do that when she was on them.
But maybe Jessie J would! So, after I got hurt and had the surgery, I finally figured out what I want to write about. Once I got this kind of big license, I think my publisher was kind of like, “Oh you want to make weird songs? I don’t care.” So I was like, “OK, awesome” and that’s what we’re doing. I decided I’m going to put out a little EP in March with some songs I’m writing this moment. I’ll put it with some dope artwork that’s inspired by this injury.

AE: So it’s going to be sort of a Frida Khalo type of thing?
Yeah basically. Or I’ll just post pictures of me in my underwear and crutches. [Laughs] Something sexy, but in a dark way. I love that people are continuing to buy my stuff on iTunes but I feel like I really need to put some new stuff out.

AE: Is it easier or harder for your writing process when you’re under contract and forced to write a certain amount of songs?
It’s the only way I can get anything done. I’m doing too many DJ gigs. No one was making me write songs until I signed this contract and people were like, ok we gave you the check now are you going to do some work? [Laughs] But I really wasn’t feeling inspired before. I was reinventing myself and doing a lot of DJ gigs and hanging out with friends. I started a new relationship and not writing wasn’t a problem. I’m inspired by my new writing partner though and meeting new producers and getting new tracks has really opened up my world.

Hopefully people will like it, I feel good about it.

AE: Well, as long as you like it that’s what it’s all about. I mean, if you’re really into what you’re doing, your audience can hear it. I feel like, for the most part, the audience can also tell if it’s being phoned in.
Totally. So you want to hear something kind of weird that I found out this weekend?  I was hanging out with a bunch of Israelis, and I found out that, no joke, my Hebrew name means “Homosexual.”

AE: Shut up, really?
So if you say somebody is “Aliza,” that’s my Hebrew name, it’s supposed to be like, that person is gay.

AE: I’m just going to be calling everyone Aliza from now on. Haaay Aliza!

So, I’ve got one more question for you and this one is from one of our readers who is a big fan of Northern State and wanted to know if there were any plans in the works to get together for a little reunion tour or to put out any new music together?
HP: Well, what I can tell you about Northern State is that I was on the phone last night with Spero for 1.5 hours discussing The Bachelor is gross detail and the last half hour was on speaker while cross-referencing videos from the show.

I think it’s really funny — like when I started this new relationship, I had to talk about my band a lot, you know? So I spent a lot of time rehashing all of that. Then I recently had to explain who I was and that part of my history to the Ish audience and it just brought up a lot of things. Like I was showing the first time we were in Rolling Stone, my sister-in-law had the article framed because it was a big deal for me, you know? Like, the first time we were ever written about. So we were talking about that and then Sprout — she and I haven’t been very close in a while but she sent me a really nice card because she knew what had happened (with my hip) which I thought was really sweet.

The band ended in not the best way, but at this point, I don’t know. Sometimes we get asked to do things here and there. The last gig we did was in Barcelona in 2008 or 2009 and then we weren’t going to play anymore. But then we got asked to play this Halloween show at this college in like, Missouri. I think it was a science college, and they offered us a good amount of money.

AE: Cool, did everybody dress up like atoms or something?
 Ha, right! So we hadn’t seen each other, hadn’t rehearsed, just showed up and kind of got together and were like, cool, let’s play this gig! And then we went to a frat party afterwords, which was very us. We were like, “Here we are; we’re so old! We couldn’t be more old!” And they just kept bringing us cases and cases of beer because we had a reputation for being a party band — and we were.

And then I kind of went on my own with Tegan and Sara and that was really it. So, in conclusion [laughs], I feel like the time  for a reunion show is definitely closer.

Check out Hesta Prynn’s post-Super Bowl Ish and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on the new EP.

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