An interview with Hesta Prynn

AE: So you’ve got some new and exciting stuff going on with YouTube. What’s that all about?
HP: So, YouTube and Google did a deal together to start a series of cable channels.

AE: Oh yeah, I saw that they were picking certain celebrities to kind of create their own channel. I think Shaq has his own channel?
HP: Yeah, Jay-Z has a channel, Shakira is going to have a channel. I told my manager about the Shakira channel and he was like, “Oh that’s going to be awful.” I was like, “You couldn’t be more of a 42-year-old straight white guy; that channel is going to be awesome.”

So this, company called IshTV that produces a lot of big shows including Love & Hip-Hop — which I love — they were given a bunch of channels and four of them are going to be music. So there’s the Jay-Z channel, Shakira Channel which is going to be about world music I guess, one is going to be Uno, Dos, Tres, which is the Spanish music channel and the fourth music channel is called My Ish and they hired me to be a VJ on it.

AE: That is awesome!
Yeah it really is. Yesterday I had my first day of shooting and there’s three VJs — me and two dudes. They want us to kind of create our own content like an early MTV News Kurt Loder type of vibe. So I’ll be doing a little bit of writing but I get to use my own voice.

AE: Well right, they hired you because of your personality.
It was really fun and really hard — especially on the crutches I’m on.

AE: They didn’t let you sit down?
Well, first they came over to my place and I kind of gave them a little background info on who I am and showed my DJ setup and all that stuff. But then we went to the studio and I had to shoot on a green screen and couldn’t sit down for that. That was really challenging.

They had a chair that they kept bringing in and out. I feel like professional makeup can make it look like you’re not on crutches when you are. Like getting my makeup done erased any of the looks of pain of a full hip dislocation and all the medication I’ve been on. But wiping the makeup off, you’re like fully on drugs and incapacitated. [Laughs]

But it was really cool and fun and it’s really exciting to be a part of a new medium. Who knows how this is gonna go but a lot of big people think it’s going to be the next big thing.

AE: I would agree just because everything is turning into web. Everyone’s attention span is shot to hell so TV just can’t be the same anymore. Especially if you can take it on your phone with you or your iPad with you or whatever. I think that’ll be awesome. Are you going to be interviewing people?
Yeah, I actually did an interview on Friday with my friend, he’s a remixer named RAC. I don’t know if you know him but he’s putting out a solo record this year which is really exciting. So I did that but I think I’ll be doing more presenting than anything. I’ve got a short contract with them that I’m excited about, but I’ve got a couple more things that are in the works. Right now I’m kind of seeing where it all might land.

AE: Kind of casting a big net and seeing what you get back?
Yeah definitely. I’ve got an agent now — like a hosting agent, not just a music agent.

AE: Ooh la la! [Laughs]
Ha, yeah. And my song, “Turn It Gold” is in the new Android commercial. It’s playing all the time now. [It was] playing during the Super Bowl! My parents were tweeting me about it last night. I think it was on during Modern Family.

I also signed a publishing deal so I really have to write a record now. I have an awesome new writing partner, this kid Ido, who is a young producer and writer. Right now he has this project called Versus The World and he’s putting vocals on the Justice record that doesn’t have any vocals, which is really cool. So we’re writing together and I’m really happy about that. We’re writing a song together called “Born Again,” which is kind of my Gloria Estefan “Coming Out of the Dark.”

AE: Wait, so that was another thing you had tweeted to me, that you were “working on an inspiring song” for us. And I was like, for who? For me? For For Rachel Cantu who was on our tweet thread? [Laughs]
[Laughs] Well, I was looking for inspiration for these co-writes that I do. You see, when you sign a writing deal, you get hooked up with these producers to do co-writes. Sometimes it’s really awkward and sometimes they’re cool but [the songs aren't] really for you. I’ve written a lot of more pop-oriented songs but have learned that my sensibility is a little weird, which I can accept at this point.

AE: Well and I appreciate it. I like my comedies dark and my songs weird.
Me too! And that’s why we love Robyn because she’s a perfect mix. She got it right. So I feel like, I wrote a lot of pop stuff and it’s cool but it’s just not my style.

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