An Interview with Erin Foley

AE: What was your trepidation with doing gay content in Vegas?

I think it’s always really good to push the envelope for Straighter McStraighter Pants audiences just to see what it’s like and to see if you can transition really smooth. It’s the ultimate test to do gay material in front of an uber-straight crowd; they were super down with it, it was exciting to see.

AE: Any plans to do a web series anytime soon?

I think Nicol and I might do a little vlog. We’ve been talking about it. We’re working on developing one web series and my friend and I are going to start shooting some stuff next week.

AE: A lot of people are talking about The Real L Word: Los Angeles now that they’ve released the cast bios and a short trailer. What would it take to get you on a show like that?

I turned that down. I am super private, so that is not an option. I think me getting up in front of thousands of people and saying I’m gay is enough of a reality. On stage is fine, but with the camera, unless I’m acting, I feel it’s horribly intrusive. It’ll be fun to watch, don’t get me wrong; I’m totally going to watch every episode.

AE: What advice do you have for the cast?

Get an alias. Get some real estate in Oklahoma. [Laughs]They’re probably all going to do great because if you do that, that’s your sort of bag and you’re comfortable with it. The good thing is an event like Dinah or a show like that, it’s really for people who don’t have a gay community. For me, it’s old hat. These events are really for people who don’t see a lesbian every day. I always have to remember that when it gets overwhelming for me that it’s really for them.

If you’re in L.A., catch Erin Foley at her monthly Gays R Us comedy show at the Improv in Hollywood on the first Wednesday of the month, including tonight at 8 p.m.

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