An interview with Corin Tucker


AE: So what was your high school experience like?

Well, like I said, I’ve always kind of been an introverted person and I think I really struggled with my self-esteem in high school. I didn’t do music, I didn’t do drama, I was too shy to join all of these activities and I probably missed out a little bit. But being able to go back and see people and sort of share the accomplishments I’ve had in the past twenty years felt really great.

AE: So what you’re saying is that there’s hope for all of our younger readers, that even if you’re quiet and a little shy about letting your true identity out, later on it will get easier?

I just think I was a really angry person at times in my life and I feel like part of coming to terms with the stories that I’ve made in my life and that we all did culturally for women is kind of a peaceful acknowledgement that the anger isn’t really as useful of a device in moving forward.

AE: I know you keep in touch with Carrie and Janet, what do you think of them starting a “supergroup” with Mary Timony and Rebecca Cole?

I love it, I’m really excited about it.


AE: Are you planning on being a groupie?

[Laughs] I’m planning on being a fan! I think it’s going to be great.

AE: Do you think there’s a possibility you’ll join them onstage at some point?

I don’t know, I’m really enjoying doing my own thing and I’m happy for them in their new project. I think things are good.

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