An interview with Christina B. Lind and Sarah Glendening of “All My Children”

AE: Are we going to get a happy ending for Minx?
CBL: Things are going to develop more slowly now. I mean, Marissa moved really quickly once she realized her feelings for Bianca. The transition was fast and Marissa was incredibly brave. It was exciting to watch. But now they need time to explore and build a real relationship.

SG: We’re very optimistic about it.

CBL: And some big things are coming up that I can’t tell you about. We’re excited about it.

AE: JR has been making comments about Marissa not being AJ’s real mom. Is a custody battle coming?
SG: Sure. The show’s called All My Children after all. [Laughs] When Reese and Bianca divorced, the subject came up of Reese not being the biological mom, so I expect it will come up again. Of course, that shouldn’t even enter the equation. It will be interesting to see how they handle it.

AE: I saw some pictures of you two at the See Jane Run event – what’s the story there?
CBL: I had planned to do that sort of under the radar. I was going to just hide under a cap. [Laughs] But we ended up having a great time.

SG: It was Christina’s first half-marathon. My contribution was, “Go, Christina!”

AE: What about those “Legalize Gay” t-shirts?
CBL: That was a spontaneous decision. My gay roommate suggested we wear them and I was so glad we did. Now we don’t need to wear them in New York! [Laughs]

Sarah and I are great friends – it’s fun to be able to have a relationship outside the show. [Pause] I mean we’re not involved romantically

AE: Much to the disappointment of Minx fans!
Do you plan to advocate for gay and lesbian causes even after your roles are over?
CBL: Yes, it’s very much who I am. I think it’s important to use celebrity as an opportunity to advocate for important causes. I’ve been involved in helping battered women – I had a very emotional response to that storyline in the show.

AE: You’re also involved in AMC fan week this weekend.
CBL: I am both excited and terrified.

SG: I participated in events like this when I was on ATWT. It’s kind of overwhelming. But it’s also a lot of fun.

AE: One of our readers (hat tip, BarbB) wants to know if you’ve sensed a difference with the shift of writers and the return of Agnes Nixon in the middle of Minx’s storyline?
SG: There’s a sense that they are on board to wrap up the stories. They’re getting tighter.

CBL: Agnes is such a strong part of AMC that it seemed important for her to come back and help the community close this chapter. The writing definitely is tighter.

AE: Any closing words for Minx fans?
CBL: Oh, yes – thank you so much for supporting us and being such a passionate fan base. 

SG: What she said. Ditto.

CBL: I’m coming up with a way to thank the public. I’ll put it on Twitter.

I can’t wait. Christina also promised to get Sarah on Twitter so she can share the Minx love. Meanwhile, you can follow @ChristinaBLind to find out what she’s up to. All My Children airs daily on ABC Daytime. (Update: CBL came through! Follow Sarah at @sarahglendening.)

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