An interview with Catie Curtis

AE: Yeah, that must be really exciting.
Well, back to your album and maybe this is a total leap in convo or
maybe it isn’t. Your song, “River Wide,” seems to revisit, what I got
from it, your musical coming of age and strikes me as being sad even
though you’ve persevered. So, was this a reflection of how you were
feeling back then when you were just starting out? Or in some ways,
since you’re writing it now, does it reflect how you’re feeling about
the music industry? Like it keeps throwing things at you and just when
you feel like you’ve finally gotten through, all of a sudden there’s a
new big river to cross?

CC: Whoa, yeah! Definitely —
you’re right on target. I have this feeling of connection to when I was
starting to do music and a sense of amazement that I have gotten and
continue to have the opportunity to explore something that I love so
much and make a living doing it. I think the sound of sadness you hear
(at the end of the song) is realizing that there is no final milestone
that you can reach as a musician. There’s really only one as a human,
and that’s just that there’s going to be the end of the story at some
point. And then you’re just going to depart.

I guess it’s kind of that
momentary glimpse at your mortality where you’re like, “There’s nothing
that I can do, or, I’m never going to feel like I’ve arrived. Other
than the day you let go and realize you’re not going to do anything
else,” [Laughing] And it really sounds kind of morbid, but I think it’s
actually a relief. I feel like you could live your life feeling like
— oh as soon as I achieve this or that, I’m going to feel like I’ve
gotten there. But in truth, I mean — I just love singing that line, and
I co-wrote this and I’m pretty sure I didn’t write that one so I’m
allowed to praise it, “Fly as far as you’re meant to and finally we are
meant to go across the river wide,” and for me that’s kind of

I guess it goes back to me being optimistic about things but
I think it also transcends it because if you don’t let go of this
strive to “get somewhere” where you feel like you’ve been fully
realized in your life, I think you can be more satisfied if you can let
go of that because I don’t think there is a point that ever feels like
you’re fully there.

AE: I feel like it would be sad
actually. I mean, it does feel sad to think about not being able to
feel like you’ve achieved everything, but then it’s like once you are
there, what the hell else will you do with your life?

CC: Right, what would you do if
you could get there? Then you’d be done. That’s the kind of
thing, I guess I’ve always enjoyed the strive and to create and to kind
of push on with new ideas. When you look at people who have had sort of
a storybook success in the music industry, such as a major pop hit,
they still have to go on afterwards and continue doing what they’ve got
to do, and it’s not always the easiest thing either. So I don’t know, I
find a lot of peace in that song and a kind of humility that I don’t
always have a grip on but in a moment of some of that drama I do.

AE: I have to tell you, your album
when I listen to it, I just think of it as the Facts of Life album
because the theme song was going through my head — especially after
going from listening to “I Do” to “Wedding Band.” I was like, oh God,
you take the good and then you take the bad. But it’s really great and
I’m happy that you’re able to tell the truths about relationships that
so many of us can relate to 
  even if we don’t always want to relate to

So I know you’re going on tour right
now and you’ve got a bunch of upcoming dates ready but what else do you
have coming up in the next year?

CC: Well, I’m looking at
starting a non-profit. I find that I get asked to do speaking
engagements about being an artist, sometimes about being a gay mom. So
I’m looking to start a non-profit to get to do those kinds of things as
part of my job. I think I can probably do it because it’s something I’m
passionate about.

Catie has a bunch of tour
already lined up for the new year and I highly recommend
checking out Stretch Limousine on
if you haven’t already.

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