An interview with Butterfly Boucher


AE: It’s funny because there was a quote from your bio, I think, where you talk about approaching this album and each of the songs as though you were scoring a short film. And so much of my own musical experience as a listener is tied to the emotions that songs bring up and what I picture in my mind while listening. So for me that was refreshing to hear because that’s the way I enjoy experiencing it. And not everybody does that while creating music. Either their songs are too personal so nobody can have their own experience with it or they’re just like, “Eh whatever.”
BB: Yeah I’m somewhere in between. At some point when I’m writing my songs it does have to be personal. You want it to be genuine and emotional but when I put my producer’s hat on I say, this needs to be for other people as well. I guess that’s what I enjoy doing anyway. Because I hear music that way too — I hear it very visually. I’ll associate a song I like with color or I guess whatever is happening at the time. I’ve always been fascinated with scoring films. I’ve always wanted to do that. So I guess this is me trying to do both at the same time.

AE: You should get into that!
BB: Eventually I will, I just don’t have any time. It’s always one of those things where I was like, “I can do that when I’m wrinkly and gray and nobody has to see my face. But if I want to be kind of a pop artist I have to do that while I’m younger.” Now I’m just like, I’m going to do it all.

AE: And you should! There’s so many different ways of doing it now with the web and more short films and more web series there’s a lot of different opportunities to play around with.
BB: Yeah and there are a lot more people out there making short films and more indie films are being made. I’m not sure if I’ve got the statistics right, they’re probably totally wrong, but I think I read somewhere that at the last Cannes Film Festival, something like 10 percent of the films were funded by a KickStarter campaign. So that’s pretty awesome. You’ll have to look it up to make sure it’s right, I’m pretty terrible with numbers. [Laughs]

AE: That’s an incredible amount of money being raised, especially when thinking about funding a whole film.
BB: I know! I mean I think funding an album is expensive but then you look at the film world and the money just blows my mind.

AE: Well I still think you and Missy should do a web series like Austrai — Austrailandia.
BB: That’s hard to say.

AE: Yeah, I was starting it out and trying to figure out where to go after that second syllable. Not my best work.
BB: That’s funny — so I think what you’re saying is for us to do more like a web series than a music video.

AE: Well all of the above! You can post the outtakes and everything. You two just seem to have a lot of fun with each other so if it’s something you’ve got the time to do and are able to do it, I think you should go for it. I’ll post them!
BB: I hadn’t thought about it but that’s a good idea to maybe document our trip that isn’t just like a regular tour diary.

AE: Yep, just have fun with it. Create different characters. Then when you’re bored you can just go crazy.

Alright, so I’ve got one more question and then I’ll let you get back to dealing with your allergies. You talked about touring with Sarah McLachlan but have you kept in touch with her? Because I think she needs to know — and this should come from a friend — the ASPCA commercials have ruined her song “Angel” for me forever.
BB: [Laughs] She knows! She knows! She has raised so much money for them through that ad campaign though. She’s said it onstage before, she’s like, “I can’t even watch those commercials anymore. I didn’t know they were going to be that tragically sad.” In the part that she filmed, there was a dog who was sick but it wasn’t the dogs that were like, missing…

AE: Missing the eye! MISSING THE EYE!
BB: And legs, and ears. So when she saw the final thing she was just like, this is so sad and tragic. But it works. It stirs something in people.

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AE: Yeah, it stirs tears in me. I hold my own animals tightly and then we turn off the TV because I can’t handle it.
BB: And it’s been running now for so many years. Sarah was saying maybe she should do a new one for them.

AE: Well, actually they do have a new one with Wendy Malic and I was really pissed off that they changed it because I didn’t know what the cue was going to be for the sad animals to appear onscreen. Because there was no song and then all of a sudden, dog with one eye.
BB: [Laughs] Yeah they should just give you snippets of the song as a warning and then go into the commercial.

AE: By the way, I would like to request that the Aussies don’t get to be the only ones that get the Butterfly-Missy tour.
BB: Me neither! I really hope we get to bring it to America. There is talk about it maybe later in the year but it does depend on what other tours either of us might get. But I think it will be a really fun tour to do and I really hope we can tour America. That’d be cool.

AE: I hope you don’t think I’m blowing smoke up your ass but I really do connect with your album. Each song is very different and you can tell that there was a lot of care put into each song.
BB: I’m so glad you are able to hear that in the album. Thank you so much. I really want to make meaningful music. You know for an indie artist it’s really difficult to get your name out there and make sure people know your songs exist. So having people just talking about it and spreading the message through word of mouth is so helpful and I hope people know that we really appreciate it.

You can keep up with Butterfly via her Facebook, Twitter or Website and I strongly encourage you to join me in twenty seconds of pure dance. You can find instructions here.

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