An interview with Butterfly Boucher

AE: You two seem to have such a great time together. I was just watching some of the videos you’ve posted to YouTube.
BB: [Laughing] Those videos are fun. She is such a down-to-earth person. It is so easy to be her friend; anybody could be Missy Higgins’ friend. She’s just an open, generous person.

AE: Well she’s also a fellow Aussie so is it kind of like having a piece of home with you?
BB: Yeah, that’s definitely true. It was nice to have another Aussie around for a bit.

AE: I particularly liked the “None the Wiser” video. It sounded great but it also totally cracked me up when Missy kept stroking your hand.
BB: Oh my God it was so funny at the time. That was a really hard song to play and we had only just learned it like an hour before.


AE: Really? That was awesome!
BB: She’s such a fast learner she just got it so fast. And it was like we kept stopping up and it was getting to the point where we’re either going to have a lot of fun with this or we’re going to get really annoyed because we kept messing up. So that was maybe the ninth take or something. So I went to start playing and she did that and it just cracked me up. And the funny part is she actually did it twice on my hand and then I actually started singing it and she did that on my face and I kind of lost it but we kept playing. But we thought that was a little too much so Rob, the guy that was recording it, that’s when he cuts away to the blue chair. That’s when it looks like maybe he was trying to get artsy. [Laughs] Then we come back but it’s obvious that we’d been laughing.

AE: It sounded so great!
BB: Well good, thank you! Yeah that’s a fun song and I think we’ll actually play that. I’m going to be opening for her and then also playing in her band in Australia which is her first tour there in years. It’s really exciting. She announced the dates a couple of weeks ago or maybe not even that long and most of the shows have sold out and we’re scrambling to add new dates. So it’s pretty exciting. So we’re going to try to find a Casio and play “None the Wiser.”

AE: You absolutely should. I mean, I was thinking — and maybe this would be good for when you’re touring Australia together — you two should do a musical Portlandia-type web series.
BB: Oh my God!

AE: Yeah just the two of you, a keyboard and just hanging out and performing.
BB: Yes that would be great! It’s funny because once the camera starts rolling it’s like we both have these little performer type comedians come out of us. Turn the cameras off and we’re still silly and goofy but there’s something that kicks in when the video starts recording and you start doing stupid stuff. But we totally should! We should do a little video bit. And definitely Portlandia. I like that reference

AE: Well I would post it here, I’m just sayin’. Actually I could watch videos of just your dance challenge submissions for days.
BB: Aren’t they sweet! I just love it. Every time somebody does one it’s unbelievable. I watch them and just feel so happy. The biggest thing is that they’ve actually gone to the trouble of downloading the mp3, setting up a video camera getting their friend involved and just doing it. Having the balls to do it.


AE: Totally because people on the internet are assholes.
BB: [Laughs] Yeah these people are just doing it. Everybody always says they’re going to do it and then maybe half of them have done it.

AE: I saw Missy‘s and hers could be a workout video. She was sweating by the end.
BB: Well and she told me later she had done it several times so she was quite puffed by the time she was done. She was like, “I had to find a balance between being fun and accidentally being too inappropriate.” [Laughs]

AE: So, I’m thinking about adding my own, is it too late?
BB: No! There’s really no deadline for it. I want it to be this ongoing thing that people do when they get inspired. And eventually I want to maybe put them together and make another “5678!” video. I was just waiting until I got enough but there’s no deadline. 

AE: Maybe I can convince some of the other AfterEllen people to do it.
BB: That would be brilliant if you can. That would be hilarious. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something about dancing – you don’t have to be the best dancer and it’s still entertaining. It was so fun to watch other people dance.

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