An interview with Abisha Uhl


AE: If you could share the stage with any other musical artist in the history of the world (dead or alive) and perform a duet, who would it be and what would you play?
AU: Heart and a duet with Nancy Wilson.  I’d play whatever she wants. She’s a goddess! It would be amazing to hear her play one of our songs and see what she would do with it. Earlier this year we jammed on “Paint Like That” together at a party. It was an insane “pinch me now” moment. I wouldn’t have believed it the next day, but we filmed it and put it on one of our tour diaries. It’s quite a surreal thing to look next to yourself and see an idol like that performing a song that you wrote. I’d love to do that on an album in the future and commit it to the recording of a song.

AE: Heart is rad! I’v seen you perform live a million times but I have to ask anyway, what can an audience expect from a live SOS performance?
AU: Lots of energy and a fun atmosphere. We like to have a good time and we’re partyers. After putting as much effort into a performance on the stage, I like to put an equal amount off of it and get to meet our fans personally. After every show, we go into the audience and shake hands, give hugs, take pictures and sign autographs. We really appreciate people taking the time to come out and support us and we feel it our duty to show this kind of gratitude post-show. It’s fun for us too. We’ve made tons of great friends throughout the country while on the road, and often we’ll hang with those people that we met at our previous shows the next time we’re in town.  

AE: SOS has a devoted bi/lesbian fan base, why do you think that is?
AU: We’re an all girl band and we play tons of Pride events. The community overall seems to be really supportive of female artists and female fronted bands like Tegan and Sara, Metric, Girl in a Coma, etc. Plus our music is on Logo and has been on the show South Of Nowhere. We’ve also had some nice write ups in Curve, Venus Zine and tremendous amount of support from Thank you!

Some of the members of the band are gay but even if some of them weren’t, I don’t think it would matter. The music speaks for itself. And we appreciate every fan equally.  

AE: There have been many rumors about your sexuality, how do you identify yourself or do you chose not to?
AU: I don’t know — you should probably ask my girlfriend. Honestly, I’m just attracted to great people.  

AE: Who is your ultimate rock ‘n roll crush? 
AU: Tom Delong from Blink 182, for sure! He’s a sexy man. Are you confused? I was obsessed with Blink 182 growing up in Japan. I had posters of them all over my wall.In fact, I am still obsessed. Epiphone just hooked me up with a Tom Delong model guitar. I’m in love with it. Can’t wait to play it live. Every time I pick it up I try to channel a little bit of his energy. It makes me smile.  

AE: For your upcoming tour, what bands are you performing with and what cities are you going to?  
AU: It’s going to be mellow for the rest of the year. We play Dayton, OH this week with our friends, Vanity Theft. There will be a CD release party on December 7 at Honey in Minneapolis. Maurices, the clothing store, is doing a big promotion with us called “Small Town Sound.” We’re the face of a competition and will be doing in-store performances at different locations throughout the winter months. Next year, we’ll definitely be all over the place. We’re planning a tour that will take us through Austin, TX for SXSW next March, where we’ll be performing with The Bangles again.  

AE: Is there anything else you want to add about SOS, yourself or how you view the world? 
AU: We just want everyone to know how appreciative we are for their support. They are the ones that make it happen.  

For more info on Sick of Sarah, check out their official website. You can pre-order their CD, 2205, at

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