An Evening With Women 2011: Linda Perry, Chely Wright, Juliette Lewis and more


Juliette Lewis

AfterEllen: How important is an event like this not just for women and music but for equality?
Juliette Lewis:
It’s so exciting. This is the third year for this fundraiser for the Gay and Lesbian center. It’s a big one in Los Angeles, but what you hope with a fundraiser like this is that it shines a light on the necessity to have a center in every major city because it does so much for the youth community and all of those who have been cast aside. I’m excited that I’m not touring and I can lend my voice and my energy to this cause.

AE: What is Lady Gaga contributing to the message?
She’s done a lot! Particularly in the gay community. She’s loud and proud. I just respect anybody who raises their voice and does something with it and can also write fun little pop songs on the side. It’s really about shining a light on things you believe in. I come from a different generation so my heroes – one of them is here tonight – Cyndi Lauper, Grace Jones, Tina Turner. I’ll be covering the Ike and Tina version of “Proud Mary” tonight. Those are my heroes.

Tales from the International Ballroom at “An Evening With Women”

Even though this year’s “An Evening With Women” event was the third annual, there was no shortage of excitement and enthusiasm during this evening dedicated to celebrating art, music and women in the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.

While there were many repeat appearances from last year’s show like Sarah Silverman, another familiar face, Kat Von D, turned heads not only for the tattoos adorning her body but for being joined by controversial fiancée (and Sandra Bullock ex) Jesse James. (It was no surprise that the twosome skipped talking to reporters on the red carpet).

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