“America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars” recap: Some girls are more “Bad” while others are ready to “Beat It”


Back at the judging table, Tyra continues her hot feminine menswear trend. Love it. Shannon went first and her picture turned out well. Kayla took on some early ’80s MJ and almost ripped off her shirt. Yeah girl!

Angelea’s picture was pretty yuck. Allison’s picture, as Latoya puts it, is “Jackson Five meets Donnie Osmond.” Bre’s picture, I couldn’t tell if they liked it or not. Alexandria did great. Andre Leon Talley seems unable to hide his hatred for Lisa.  

Laura’s picture turned out great. Her homemade move turned out well.

Bianca’s picture ended up being pretty boring. She’s surprised and I’m surprised, too. Everyone agreed she did well. Tyra says Ms. Jay called her up and said she was questioning why she was there. Bianca ends up claiming that the other girls in the house have been bullying her and ugh, it makes me just want her to go home, too.

This week’s winner and loser was chosen by Ms. Latoya Jackson herself — a Top Model first. Did this actually seem weird to you? Just before they brought the girls back in, it seemed as though Tyra told Latoya that they (the judges) were done picking the winner. OK, whatever.

The top choice was Laura. The second best picture was a shocker and went to Shannon. Our little lesbian, Kayla, made it through for another week. The weakest photos came from Angelea (yes) and Lisa (honestly pretty surprised about this in terms of it really being a bad picture).

In the end — oh snap, what? — Latoya saved both Lisa and Angelea. No one went home this week. It was a Christmas miracle! Next week, the girls get to take their anger out on each other with a game of flag football. This should be interesting.

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