“America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars” recap: Lip synch for your life


The next day the models arrive at the video shoot set and Jay tells them he listened to all of their songs and they’re all great – but music videos are all about selling the look. I would have to absolutely agree with him when it comes to people who are not vocally talented.

As the girls get ready in hair and makeup, Jay walks in with a special guest star. Thankfully I don’t even have to look up who the hell he is because Angelea starts hyperventilating and walking around as though the cherry on the end of her cigarette fell into her lap and she just realized her crotch has been on fire for the last three minutes. She excitedly shouts, “The Game!” “It’s The Game, oh my God!” So, The Game is the special guest of the day and he’ll be directing the girls in their music videos.

Dominique can’t stop falling backwards on the camera tracks and Alexandria’s dreams of being a recording artist seem to be getting the kabosh from The Dream himself. That can’t be good.

After the commercial break, Tyra appears in her very best raving attire and tells them she’s going to be their special featured Pot Ledom backup dancer. If that wasn’t bad enough, YouTube lip synching (I’m being generous) sensation (again with the generosity) Keenan Cahill will also be making the models’ videos as ridiculous as possible.

Lisa goes up and hits it out of the park as predicted. Cutie pie Laura did a great Katy Perry impersonation and absolutely proved that sometimes video not only killed the radio star, but most singers in general. That being said, I’d totally watch her video because she’s adorbs. I actually thought it was pretty cute that Alexandria started singing it and talking about how much she likes Laura’s song.

Angelea goes up and while her song was one of the best, her video shoot went terribly. Jay Manuel said it wasn’t just her body movements that were uncomfortable but she was completely dead in the eyes, too.

The Game took some time to speak with Allison about the story behind her song. When she tells him, he relates and says his Grandmother passed away right after he finished high school and she was the only one who seemed to believe in him. She relaxed a bit and her video was kind of disturbingly good.

I’m wondering if Tyra can do me a favor and send three people home this week: a model and Sparah the fake celebrity couple who serve no purpose.

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