“America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars” recap: Goddess and the shes


Allison went up next and was able to take some good print pictures.
Watching the shoot though, I wasn’t blown away. Her eyes are so
expressive and powerful in her shots but I feel like they really only
work when surrounded by other things to look at. Like, the wow factor
is mostly there when regardless of what’s in the shot, your eyes are
drawn to hers. When it’s time to shoot the close-up video footage of
Allison’s eyes, she has more light-sensitivity issues. We’ve been here
before and I don’t know why anyone is surprised, nor do I understand
why they treat Allison as though she has any control over the
situation. That’s like being pissed off that someone’s nose is running
when it’s cold outside.

Allison did a really nice job reading her lines and coming out of her
shell for the commercial.

Angelea is the last to go and Lisa says she doesn’t think she’s ready
for all of this because she’s just too green and too nervous about
everything. Angelea insists that she’s a better fit for Cover Girl
because she’s “real” and “that’s what a cover girl is.” Um, she must
not read any feminist-leaning websites if she thinks cover girls are
“real.” Also, I’m still confused as to what she means when she says
that she’s real, but Lisa and Allison aren’t. If she wants to see a real
woman, I’m right here wearing pajama pants, a shirt with no bra, a
beanie hat and some slippers. That’s real and it’s also not very sexy.

Angelea’s photos were really good and her personality came across
really well and really flamboyantly on the commercial.

The following day, the girls meet up with another photographer and the
stylist from Italian Vogue
at a secluded beach in Crete. The girls will be doing some fashion
shoots on the beach. I smell trouble for Allison, who will most likely
be posed in order to stare directly into the sun again.

As she’s getting her makeup done and her eyebrows bleached, Angelea
comes over and actually gives Allison a compliment. She tells us she
underestimated her this whole time and that Allison really looks like
she belongs on the cover of Italian Vogue.
Well duh.

From what they’re showing, all three of the girls seem to do an
impressive job at the photo shoot. Lots of great angles and things
actually start to look classy for once and make me feel as though this
is a modeling competition.

When the girls get back to their hotel, they have a new TYRAmail
telling them to get ready for the final runway challenge. Jay says this
is a very exciting finale because they’ve never had three models
competing in a final. They’ll be descending into a pool of water, then
flying through the air onto the runway. They’ll hear the songs they
wrote and will have to work the runway with the annoying sounds of
“Pot ledom” in their heads. To fill out the runway, former contestants Shannon, Dominique and Laura will also be strutting their

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