“All My Children” recap (May 20-24): Lezbo Princess


Miranda, realizing that this might be a mistake, takes off, leaving AJ to deal with his…homework. The next day, Miranda stops by to take the bus with AJ. She plays it cool and acts like it was no big deal to kiss her almost brother/best friend. Neither is looking forward to getting back to school. Apparently Miranda’s nickname is Moronda Montgomerty: Lezbo Princess. I’m rather fond of this but I can understand why Miranda might not be. Later at school, they discuss the kiss and decide that it’s best to stay just friends. As an added bonus, Miranda has picked up some allies who think that Capt. Threesome, otherwise known as Hunter, is a total jerk. Score. Maybe things are looking up. Hahahahahaha, just kidding. It turns out AJ is the only one on the baseball team not using steroids. His teammate hands him a baggie of ‘roids and tells him to shot himself in the ass with them. This can’t possibly go wrong.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley: Dr. David finds out the truth about Angie’s daughter Cassandra, and offers to help. (God help me but I love David, that evil son of a bitch.)

Meanwhile, Cassandra is trying to plan her escape from the traffickers, but reveals important intel to another of the girls being held captive. The traffickers are less than pleased to find out she’s the police chief’s daughter. Celia and Jake are being young and hot in NYC, where Celia has a freaky dream about her past. Cara is helping JR with his rehab, and JR promises to keep her secret safe. I smell a romance brewing. Blech. Billy Clyde Tuggle sets about to spy on his competition, and runs into Jesse while doing so. Tuggle is possibly the strangest character I have seen this side of Passions. I’m not 100% certain that he isn’t just a vagrant who stumbled onto the set of All My Children. Just look at the guy.

So what did you think of this week’s All My Children? I thought Eden Riegel put in one hell of a performance this week, and it reminded me why I love her character so much. Do you agree? How do you feel about the shortened schedule?

New episodes of All My Children air Mondays and Wednesdays on Hulu, and are also available for download on iTunes.

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