“All My Children” recap (May 13-17): Missing Marissa


Later, Dr. David stumbles upon Bianca, who is holding a daffodil, just like the ones on Marissa’s grave. This doesn’t go unnoticed by David, who thinks perhaps he can gain an ally in Bianca. They did both lose Marissa, after all. Bianca, however, is not exactly happy to see him and she and her daffodil try to get the hell out of there. David stops her by appealing to their mutual pain, and asks if she’d just like to sit a moment and talk about Marissa. Bianca’s head tells her to keep on walking, but her heart, oh her heart, says “yes, I would love to talk about Marissa. You have no idea how lonely I’ve been.” David looks off into the sky saying, Marissa loved days just life this. Bianca wistfully replies, “cool breeze, hot sun, summer just around the corner.” 

For a moment, both of them are lost in their thoughts of Marissa, feeling just a little less alone than they normally do. David spoils the moment by bringing up JR and Bianca’s mood changes dramatically. She asks if she’s supposed to be grateful that David shot JR? Well, Bianca is all out of patience and cookies for the day and she launches an attack on David.  If he loved Marissa so much, how come he always lied to her? If she was so important, how come he was never around when she needed him?  David takes it all, punch after punch, because he knows Bianca is right. He tells her, “I’m a first class son of a bitch…doesn’t mean I didn’t love her.” Bianca softens, because even first class, delusional, Machiavellian masterminds have the capacity to love someone. David senses her empathy and tells her that he could see how much she and Marissa loved each other. Bianca smiles the saddest smile I’ve ever seen. 

David reminds her that she and Marissa could have had a beautiful future ahead of them, but that was violently taken away. There is only one real villain here.  JR Chandler. 

Elsewhere in Pine Valley: The search is still on for Jesse and Angie’s daughter, Cassandra. I truly hope they find her soon, because this storyline is incredibly unsettling. Zach, doing some sleuthing on his own, goes incognito to an underground sex club where he just misses Cassandra. He does find an FBI agent named Lea, who is working undercover there as a stripper. She wants him for money laundering but Zach and Jesse convince her to join the fight against these traffickers instead. The traffickers want to expand their business by taking over an old pimp’s territory. It turns out the old pimp is none other than AMC supervillain, Billy Clyde Tuggle, who was supposedly killed off 20 years ago. Cue the organ music!  Pete and Celia continue their romance, but Opal nearly ruins it when she tells Celia’s watcher about their new love. Next thing you know, Celia is ordered off to Europe for the spring and summer. Pete manages to literally steal her away by dressing as a chauffeur. AJ visits JR who doesn’t recognize him at first.  JR still doesn’t remember the night of the shooting, but Dr. David makes sure to fill him in. JR reveals to Cara that even though he was in a coma, he could hear things. Like the fact that she actually gave birth to her and David’s daughter!

All My Children and One Life to Live announced this week that they are changing the format of the shows. All My Children will air on Monday and Wednesdays now, with One Life to Live on Tuesdays and Thursdays. What do you think about the change? 

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