“All My Children” recap (June 24-28): The Lady Pond


At Jane’s Addiction, AJ and Heather are talking and having fun. Heather spills the beans about the picture circulating of the two of them and AJ loses it.

He rushes home to find a crying Miranda, and tells her he knows about Hunter and the picture. He wants to take action, but she just really wants him to stay out of it and be her friend. She takes some solace in his kind words and the friendship he does offer.

Once she leaves the room, AJ checks out the picture on her phone and flies out the door in a rage. She comes back to an empty room, and realizing he’s off to murderlate Hunter, she chases after him.

AJ finds Hunter, who is surrounded by a few of his friends. AJ wants to handle this mano-a-mano, but Hunter being the stand up guy he is, decides to play dirty. He asks AJ if he’s Miranda’s beard or maybe, he’s gay himself.

To AJ’s and the writer’s credit, he doesn’t have a moment of gay panic and where he fiercely defends his sexuality. He doesn’t even respond to it.   Hunter hits him where it hurts (figuratively) and accuses AJ of being in love with Miranda. Then Hunter hits him where it hurts again (literally), in the face.

Hunter has his pals hold AJ down, but a sharply dressed Billy Clyde Tuggle interrupts them. Tuggle pulls out his blade and scares the other kids off, and helps AJ to his feet.

Miranda rushes to AJ’s side. He’s a little bruised and bloody, but he tells her he’ll be fine. They thank the kindly old man (little do they know) and as he’s walking away, Miranda mentions Dixie’s name. Nice job Miranda. Tuggle is now one step closer to finding and terrorizing Dixie again.

What do you think of this week’s Miranda bullying storyline? Have you been keeping up with AMC while Bianca is out of town?

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