“All My Children” Lesbian Wedding Storyline Makes History — and Mistakes


So, now that this much-hyped lesbian-storyline is almost over, how did it go over with lesbian/bi fans of the show? Not well, with some exceptions.

Here are a few comments from AfterEllen.com readers that seem to summarize the prevailing sentiments of lesbian/bi viewers.

Peachblossom720: "The writers never took the time to show us this relationship, and since Bianca will be gone for a month, so that Reese can prove how much she loves her and their family (this part is so stupid), again viewers won’t get to see their relationship…I can’t even say that I’m upset about this, because it is so obvious that this is how the writers and producers would do things. I knew that when they put so much promotion into Bianca and Reese making love that they had no intention of giving them a real storyline."

"When I got on this storyline I was just so excited to see a happy lesbian couple on TV… Then not only do they make Breese miserable they basically have a complete character assassination."

Summersea: Check around on the general AMC boards, the longterm fans who are fans of the show itself and not just checking in when Bianca’s in town. They hate Reese and don’t think she deserves Bianca. They think this wedding is being badly done (no flashbacks, callbacks to history, vets returning, or real familial bonding since Bianca is on the outs with the relative most important to her) and is in no way deserving of what a legacy child of a daytime legend should have gotten for a first wedding. They hate the Zach/Reese angle. They don’t want Reese to be the woman Bianca marries … A tacked-on happy ending that was basically forced on the show by both actresses in the pairing opting to leave, as well as fan uproar over the Zach/Reese thing, doesn’t begin to make up for the way AMC’s botched the entire storyline. 

Alisha: "I hate the situation the writers put these two characters in (can we say cliche?) but I have to admit….it’s good soap drama. I want them to reunite. I want Reese to find herself and then in that prove that she belongs with Bianca. I want Bianca to see that and then forgive her (and Reese to forgive Bianca for the things she’s said and try to take the children)."

AfterEllen.com blogger The Linster also expressed mixed emotions:

Like many of us, I only started watching again because of the promise of a good relationship for Binx at last. I have let myself be manipulated at every turn. I was thrilled when Bianca returned in a relationship, disgusted when they treated the sperm donor like daddy, thrilled at the proposal, disgusted at Reese’s conflict over Zach, thrilled at the prospect of a wedding, disgusted that Reese lip-locked with Zach the day before. The conversation between Bianca and Reese after Binx found out totally stressed me out because I expected that any minute, Bianca would fall into Reese’s arms and say she forgave her. That scene was well-played, I must say. Overall, the whole thing irritates me and I’m ticked off that I am so underrepresented on television that I get excited by any little scrap thrown my way.

My own opinion? From an entertainment perspective, some of the conflict between Reese and Bianca at the end was interesting, but overall, their storyline became boring and predictable pretty quickly.

From a visibility perspective, it was one step forward, two steps back: the storyline broke some barriers for lesbian couples on daytime TV, but it also reinforced a lot of negative stereotypes about lesbians and bisexual women.

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