Alicia Minshew and Sarah Brown dish on their “Beacon Hill” chemistry, amazing soap fans

AE: Alicia, you had made an appearance in the rebooted AMC which made fans completely lose it with happiness! Then unfortunately the show was cut short before we could see any more of you. Was that experience in anyway linked to getting you involved with the webseries world?

AM: I had actually signed on to do Tainted Dreams before I appeared in the reboot of AMC. When I was asked to do Tainted Dreams, it was similar to Beacon Hill in that there are 12 episodes, and a similar set up. So when I did that, I saw it was kind of a combination of a soap and a film. There’s a quick pace, lots of dialogue, boom boom boom. You just have to be really on it, but yet you’re on location. I really liked that. I felt it was the best of both worlds and it really appealed to me. I think it was much easier saying “yes” to Beacon Hill because that web series experience was great. I knew that Crystal, and especially her production company, really had their shit together. So I knew this was going to go swimmingly. I was also just really open to trying something new. I had played Kendall for almost ten years and I thought, you know, the web is kind of the wave of the future. People are watching things now online, why not try to do something that’s new to me.


AE: You both have played such iconic soap roles, and your fans seem to be very dedicated, which is something I love about soap fans. What do you think it is about that genre, about that world, that connects fans so much to your characters and you as actors?

SB: I think that it is the daily factor of soap operas. Your on in the daytime when they are busy doing other things, which makes you seem almost like a friend in their house. When your really good friends are over, you’re busy doing other things and they can go on and on about their drama and you can listen from one ear while you’re washing dishes. In the same way, soaps are that way and they are daily so it’s like having these friends in their living room everyday. (The fans) can hear their voices, their stories, what they are going through, their drama.

Of course now, soaps you can play them at night. I mean you could always do that but I think with DVRs people set aside time, probably not necessarily during the day to watch. Initially, my early experience at least, my instincts told me that the reason soap fans were so different, and so dedicated and wonderfully supportive was that they saw us everyday. The ones who were true blue fans, watched everyday. It wasn’t like waiting a week for your favorite soap star. I think the opportunity for them to feel like they could depend on the shows to get them away from whatever they didn’t want to think about for an hour, everyday. That’s a service. That’s doing something that they appreciate and like. I think that they are just very responsive to daytime actors. That’s definitely been my experience. They are so loving and supportive.

AM: You will never find more dedicated fans. It’s because we are in their living rooms every single day, and they’re going through what we’re going through. The birth of our child, the death of our husband, us cheating, us crying, us having sex. They’re watching us go through all of this, intimately every day as they follow our lives. It’s different when you are watching someone in a movie and it’s really removed. You don’t follow them everyday in your house. Even more so than some of the nighttime shows, you see that person’s face everyday so they really feel like they know you. They go through so much stuff emotionally with you. I’ve had people say, “When Zach died, I cried with you because my husband died the same year.” I think they relate to you in ways. I’ve gotten so many hugs and kisses. Any fan event that I would do is just full of so much love, love, love. They feel like they know you, so they support everything that you do. Whatever I have done after AMC, I’ve just gotten the most amazing support from the fans and I love that because I think they feel a connection to me, and all the others from all those shows.

AE: It must be an interesting transition to go from being on a show when your storyline that goes on for weeks, and months or years to having essentially over the course on an entire season, maybe an hour to get across this very poignant storyline. Is that a real challenge of filming in this web series format?

AM: It is a little different. As an actor you just kind of dive in and roll with the punches and go, ok, this is different. I’m just going to have to do it this way, and cram all this stuff into this little period of time. It will be interesting to see what happens with season two. If the episodes are a little bit longer, then what happens. I’m really excited to see what happens with that because we are all missing each other and want to work together again.

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