“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.16): Big Bad Lesbian


Hand is livid when Nash arrives at the Hub in critical condition. She shouts about how “unexpected” and “awful” and “alarming” it is that they were outmaneuvered by this guy, this Clairvoyant, this male dude, again. Simmons decides to stay at the Hub to analyze Skye’s blood and Mike Peterson’s exoskeleton, and so Fitz sets up a secure comm link so they can geek out over an encrypted line even when they’re apart.

Using Fitz’s satellite gun technology, Coulson and Garrett track down Deathlok. They follow him into a warehouse and into a basement, but it’s not him they find down there. It’s the guy from the nursing home, the one Ward and Nash were after. He’s in a wheel chair, surrounded by computer monitors, through which he communicates that he’s the Clairvoyant and he’s surrendering. But he doesn’t stop with his confession; he tells Coulson he knows that him and Skye are trying to unlock the mystery of what happened to them when they died, but that there’s a force that’s six steps ahead of them, and it’s coming to take Skye and find out her secret and kill her dead. On and on he drones until Ward just pulls out his gun and shoots him right in the face. A guy in a wheelchair! Right in the face! For talking shit about Skye! Even Coulson is like, “Geeeeezus, dude!”

Back on the bus, Ward is in plane jail. When Skye comes to see him, he says he doesn’t regret his decision to off that guy and he’ll do the same thing to any other paralyzed people who give him computer-lip about her. But Skye and Coulson aren’t convinced he really was the Clairvoyant. In fact, all the stuff he knew about them, it didn’t seem like magic; it seemed like the kind of thing in their S.H.I.E.L.D. psych evaluations, which means the call is coming from inside the house.


Right around the time Skye and Coulson get hit with that truth bomb, Fitz discovers the hidden phone in May’s locker. He destroys it on Skye’s orders and as soon as May realizes it, she gets into an almost shoot-out with her team. Coulson is hollering at Ward to tell him if he shot the elderly guy because he’s a hotheaded dick or because the Clairvoyant told him to! He’s shouting at May to tell him who she’s really working for! Guns are pointing in all directions! And then, the plane just whips itself around in midair.

May is like, “Clearly, that’s not me since I’m out here and that thing is happening inside the cockpit.”


Inside the cockpit? No one, ’cause the plane is being controlled from the Hub, by Agent Victoria Hand! “When that plane touches down,” she says, “take down everyone on board, except Agent Coulson. He’s mine.”

We’ve been kind of having this conversation about Hand all season, right? We were all leaning toward her being the Clairvoyant. In the comic books, she does work for Norman Osborn’s dark Avengers, whom she believes are the actual answer for world peace. She’s Machiavellian and she makes the tough calls and she’s got no moony-eyed delusions about being one of the guys who wears a white hat. So it’s not really a surprise that she’s being tapped as the Big Bad of this season. But I do think it’s interesting that they’ve chosen not to reveal her lesbianism on the show so far. I wonder if it was a very conscious decision not to make a villain out of the first LGBT character in the Marvel cinematic universe. If so, they’re going to continue to keep a lid on her canon sexuality, or this is a bluff and she’s only a decoy. In the long-run, she did end up working for Captain America, so who knows?


Hey, and speaking of Captain America: This week’s S.H.I.E.L.D. closes with a clip from The Winter Solider. What does it mean? Gods willing, an AOS cameo from ScarJo herself.

What do you think about the reveal that Agent Hand is the Big Bad?

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