“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.18): Snakes in a Fridge


Coulson finds Skye and asks her for some good news, and she tells him they have internet. He says “yay” awfully unconvincingly (yet adorably) and obviously he has never been out of wifi territory before. Even though that’s all the good news she can give him, Coulson is staying optimistic. He orders her to wipe them off the face of the internet. Erase them, the whole team. Skye asks if he’s sure—it’s something that can’t be undone. They’ll be Agents of Nothing. They will cease to exist. Kind of like Fury, but less dead. Coulson is sure and tells her to round up everyone’s badges.

Skye calls Ward to check on him, and tells them Team Coulson’s plans, because Ward has so successfully with his wolf in broody sheep’s clothing act. After he hangs up, he remembers that he has a bone to pick with Garrett—shooting Skye was never part of the plan. Even Evil Ward knows that she’s far too wonderful to kill. Garrett rolls his eyes and does not give two hoots. He finds the Girl in the Flower Dress, who tells him to call her Raina, and gives her some vials of goo to test to see if any of them are the Jesus Juice that brought Coulson (and now Skye) back from the dead (or the brink of death). Ward also has Skye’s hard drive, so they’ll get some information off of that too. Then the world shall be theirs! Bwahaha!

Back on the Bus, Skye finds Coulson in his office and turns in the team’s badges. She says, “Simmons got choked up when I asked for hers” and I am extremely disappointed we didn’t get to see the scene with her trying to tug it out of Simmons’ reluctant hands. Last, Skye hands over her own badge, which she earned like three minutes ago.

AOS 118-4The camera loves her almost as much as my eyes do.

Coulson starts to put them all in his safe when one of them starts to glow. He takes his badge back out and sees that it’s flashing a message like some sort of Dumbledore’s Army coin. The numbers that appear seem to be coordinates that would lead them right into the Canadian Wilderness. Coulson things they’re from Fury, despite the fact that he’s so very dead.

Evil Ward does some info dumping on Raina, talking about how he has been tricking Coulson’s team all this time, how he had to get EXTRA close to May because she was the toughest nut to crack, and how he became Skye’s S.O. to keep an eye on her, since she was unpredictable. But all that time, his true loyalty was with Garrett.

Speaking of loyalty, May is worried about Coulson’s. Not his conscious loyalty, no one in their right mind would doubt that, but there’s always the possibility that Hydra planted something in Coulson’s brain and is controlling him. At least, that’s what Fury thought, before he died a deadly death.

At the Fridge, which is either seriously misnamed, or can hold a crapton of cheese and beer, Ward and Garrett run into a little snafu trying to get in without Hand. A helicopter shows up and starts shooting at them, so the guards reluctantly let them in, figuring they can break protocol this one time just to save a fellow Agent’s life. Ward thanks them for saving his life by SHOOTING THEM IN THE FACE.

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