’s Top 50 Favorite Female TV Characters

30. Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi), The Good Wife

Queer TV viewers have long been familiar with the “Sweeps Bisexual,” a character who is straight until it’s time for networks to rake in the ratings. It’s uncommon for a bisexual character to be given complex, authentic storylines that keep us coming back for more. But that’s what we’ve found in the bat-wielding, leather jacket-wearing, no-nonsense personna of PI Kalinda Sharma. She loves women, she loves men, but mostly she loves being right. And that’s all right with us.

29. Casey Novak (Diane Neal), Law & Order: SVU

It is a truth universally acknowledged that somewhere in the world an episode of Law & Order is being shown. And for five full seasons Casey Novak has been the assistant district attorney for SVU. That’s the longest a female ADA has survived the long-running franchise. Or any district attorney for that matter. She’s also a serious softball player, which makes us love her even more.

28. Cara Mason (Tabrett Bethell), Legend of the Seeker

We’re never going to say no to a full leather suit, especially when the lady wearing it is a sarcastic Mord Sith that makes us laugh and swoon and cower in equal measure. She also happens to be one of those rare unicorns: a well-rounded bisexual character who doesn’t trip into tired tropes.

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