’s Perfect Prom Date Personality Quiz!


If you got mostly As, your ideal prom date is Glee’s Santana Lopez. Be prepared for a night of singing, sexiness and maybe even a few slit throats!

If you got mostly Bs, your ideal prom date is Pretty Little Liars’ Emily Fields. Soak up your time with her; you never know when she’ll have to rush off to the aid of one of her friends who has been hit by a car/beaten with a frying pan/attacked by wolves.

If you got mostly Cs, your ideal prom date is Skins generation three’s Mini McGuinnness. Stay on her good side, and it will be a night to remember! Get on her bad side, and you’ll never remember your night. Because she will literally kill you.

If you got mostly Ds, your ideal prom date is Coronation Street’s Sophie Webster. She loves to canoodle and she loves to laugh. Just remember to keep her away from the Blueberry WKD.

If you got mostly Es, your ideal prom date is Skins generation two’s Emily Fitch. Congratulations, you’re attending prom in heaven.

So, who are you taking to prom?

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