’s Next Big Thing: The Shiz, Joanna Burns, Cae, DRAG and Jasmine Kennedy

Cae (Paris, France)

This Paris-based French-Haitian chanteuse is creating an artful, jazzy folk sound with an international flavor. Influenced by the literary works of Toni Morrison and Leonora Miano, she has her finger on the pulse of the ever changing landscape of world music. Her seven track EP, Daughter of the Dust, is currently available on Bandcamp. Cae also performs as part of the alternative diasporic vocal trio Keepers of Ka.


Twitter: @caemusic

Check out Cae live:

April 3 – La bellevilloise (Paris, France)

July 12 – Keepers with Ka at Euro Pride (Marseille, France )

DRAG (Birmingham, England)

Photo by Manicks Productions

This self-described “sleazypunk” band from the UK is fronted by two badass women, Heather and Velma. Their sound is a mix of punk and riot grrl rock, with a dash of drag queen finesse thrown in. The vocals really come through with DRAG, and their songs touch on topics not typically addressed in punk music like eating disorders and self harm. DRAG’s music makes you stop mid head bang to actually take it all in. DRAG has two EPs available through their site.

Official website:


Twitter: @DRAGBirmingham

Check out DRAG live:

April 13 – The Unicorn (London, England)

May 18 – The Flapper (Birmingham, England)

Jasmine Kennedy (West Yorkshire)

At only 19 years old, Jasmine Kennedy possesses the lyrical mind and soulful voice of a much older artist. She self released her first album, I Don’t Have an Uncle Pat, at the age of 16, and is busy performing and writing material for a second. Her deep alto voice, coupled with intensely confessional lyrics, is heart breakingly sincere and organic.

Official website:


Twitter: @AJasmineKennedy

Check out Jasmine Kennedy live:

April 6 – The Fishermans Arms (Hartlepool, UK)

April 17 – Oporto (Leeds, UK)

May 31 – The Green Room (Stockton on Tees, UK)

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