’s Next Big Thing: Live Hart, Zorya, Heather Green, Beth Colgrove and Tarah Who?


Beth Colegrove (Boston, MA)

photo by Dija Bhulasar

Beth Colegrove’s lyrics have a confessional and poetic style, underscored by jaunty acoustic guitars and harmonies that bring Girlyman to mind. Her song, “Toothbrush Aisle” is so infectious and sweet that I find myself humming it as I write. Beth already has a full-length album, Elephant Heart, and is planning to release her second in the near future.

Official website:


Check out Beth Colegrove live:

April 17 – The Outer Space (Hamden, CT)

May 12 – The Burren (Somerville, MA)

Tarah Who? (Los Angeles, CA)

photo by Mickael Adamadorassy

Tarah G. Carpenter has been rocking people’s socks off from the Paris to LA, and her new solo project Tarah Who? is no exception. With the help of friends Dustin (drums) and Ash (bass), Tarah Who? delivers a fierce blend of punk and indie rock. Tarah’s voice, which is husky and powerful, cuts through the screaming rock riffs like a warm knife through butter. After listening to a few tracks, I found myself wishing there was a mosh pit in the vicinity.

Official website:


Check out Tara Who? live:

March 15 – TRiP Santa Monica (Santa Monica, CA)

March 22 – Molly Malone’s (Los Angeles, CA)

Heather Green (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

photo by Natalie Gamble

Heather Green is a Californian native, now living in Halifax. Her silky alto voice draws you in, while the moody pop guitar riffs and beats put you in a nicely chilled out place. Heather’s music is very approachable, while being deceptively complex, which is a rare skill. Her latest album, The Last War , has been nominated for four East Coast Music Awards this year.

Official website:


Twitter @_heathergreen

Check out Heather Green live:

March 22 – The Cameron House (Toronto, Ontario)

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