’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

The Totally-Into-You Techie

Techies are officially the hardest category to shop for. Since your gadget geek probably likes to grab the latest gear on day one (and subsequently brags/complains about it), you can easily get stuck with an empty wish list come the holiday season. The best strategy is to find gadgets and gizmos that best complement her suite of electronic wizardry, or to seek out the things that she didn’t even know she wanted. It’s tricky business, but well worth it.

1. iHome iHM61 Portable Speakers. If she doesn’t already have portable speakers for her listening pleasure (and impromptu dance parties), these little puppies are ideal. Not only are they compatible with nearly every device under the sun, small, and inexpensive, they also have pulsing LED lights that sync up with the beat. ($23.99)

2. Smartphone Camera Lenses. Is she an instagram photography connoisseur who wants to take it to the next level? This set of specialty lenses (including fisheye, telephoto and wide angle attachments) will allow her to create breathtaking works of smartphone-enabled art. ($25-$49)

3. Orvis Sensor Touch Cable Knit Gloves. She’s inseparable from her smartphone, but she doesn’t want to freeze her fingers off – and most winter gloves kind of suck for delicate touch operations. Not to worry, these toasty-looking accessories are designed specifically to aid swiping, typing and the like. They’re festive, too. ($49)

4. Magic Cube Virtual Laser Keyboard. This amazing little device projects a keyboard onto any surface, so it’s perfect for ladies with space constraints, iPads, and techies who just think its cool to type on a virtual keyboard. Bonus points for never needing to worry about spilling sticky drinks on her clunky real-life keyboard again. ($149.99)

5. Nintendo Wii U. Her phone may be a non-stop collection of apps and Angry Birds/Star Wars sessions, but can it play a new Super Mario Bros. game in gorgeous, buttery-smooth HD? Probably not. Nintendo’s new gaming system is the very first out of the gate in the next generation of consoles, and it comes with an impressive array of bells and whistles, not to mention the coolest controller ever conceived of. ($299.99)

— Danielle Riendeau

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