’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012


The Literary Lesbian

Listen, your literary lesbian has either decided she wants an e-reader or she doesn’t. She might prefer the real thing, and that’s fine. I am one of those switch hitters. If I need a book immediately, I buy it on my Kindle, If I think it’s something I’ll want to have and to hold for as long as we both shall live, I buy it hardbound. I’m betting your literary lesbian has a similar process, so we’re going to skip the “buy her a Nook” and get right to what she doesn’t know she wants, but she totally does.

1. Great Gays Out of the Closet Mug. Your lit lover will ooh and ahh as the likes of Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde appear once this mug is warmed with coffee or tea. It’s the perfect accessory to a great book. ($10.95)

2. SheWoolf T-Shirt. I love the idea of wearing literary Ts, but so many of them are books by and about men. So when I saw Otherwild was selling this ode to Virginia, I knew they were speaking our language. ($30)

3. A subscription to the New York Times Book Review. Sunday is a great day for reading and relaxation, and having a subscription to the best book guide in the world coming to her doorstep weekly will be a constant reminder you knew to get her the gift that keeps on giving. ($91)

4. New Yorker poster. Every voracious reader has a favorite New Yorker cover. If you can subtly broach the topic and find out which illustration she loved best, get it for her poster-sized and framed. She’ll be shocked you were paying attention. ($125)

5. Customized Bookshelf Painting. If your reader already owns all of her favorite books (which she obviously does), the best thing you can do is buy her a painting of her favorite spines. Who wouldn’t want to hang their favorites on display? As someone who judges people on the books they have visible in their homes, I can assure you she’ll love this and will know exactly where to put it. The only trouble will be limiting the number of books to seven. ($250)

— Trish Bendix

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