’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

The Chic Hippie Chick

This year I’m paying homage to my home in the Pacific Northwest as these gifts are for the naturalist gal on your list. You know the one, your craft-happy, bike commuting friend with the wallet made out of post-consumer recycled material and an affection for composting and the great outdoors. Up until this point, I was still unwilling to admit my own tree-hugging tendencies but seeing that this list is very much inspired by things I actually want, I’d say its time to succumb to the green side.

1. Micro-Green Kits. I’m going to throw a term at you and see how it sticks: Micro-greens. Rooftop gardens are so last year and these Micro-Green kits make it easy to finally shop for that often times neglected green-thumb on your list. You’ll be affording them the opportunity to practice full-on agriculture from the safety of their own home, high rise or lesbian commune and you’ll reap the benefits of leafy greens at their next dinner party. Bonus points if you toss in a pair of overalls. ($8)

2. Upcycled Bags. I’ve always been a huge proponent of the 3 Rs: Reducing, reusing and repurposing. And, yes, I realize I’m taking some liberties with the original lyrics, but I’d only mess with a classic in honor of upcycled messenger bags and laptop sleeves. Alchemy Goods, a Seattle-based shop, reclaims bike tubes from shops across the country and creates sleek and slim cases for all of your gadgets. Each bag is emblazoned with a tiny number, referencing the percentage of recycled material that go into each bag, for that lady who likes to wear her recycled pride! ($30-$168)

3. Crocheted Headphones. Homemade gifts come from the heart but sometimes they’re not exactly practical and, if you’re like me, learning to actually crochet gets in the way of surfing the web. Lucky for us, crocheted headphones actually exist. Props for gifts that are dual purpose, as these headphones also serve as winter headgear. I’m pretty sure the public-transit-riding lady on your list would be a fan. ($38)

4. Peddle-Powered Charging System. The complete amalgamation of green-style city living lies in this next gadget, the Ecoxpower Charging System. Seeing that biking is totally the new driving, you’re probably going to run out of bike friendly gifts to give. Lucky for you, this clever gadget speaks to the universal problem of charging iPods, smartphones and GPS’ on the go. It also serves as a handy bike light. Peddle power! ($100)

5. Sustainable Wood Watches. Wood-paneling is sexy. So is sustainable fashion and the folks over at WeWood have capitalized on its popularity having made wood wearable in the form of chic timepieces. Made from 100% natural timber, these watches are perfect for that naturally fashionable lady in your life. Also, with every timepiece purchased, WeWood plants one tree. Pretty sure that tree-hugger will spare a hug for you, too. ($120-$140)

— Erika Star

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