’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012


The Lesbian Film Fanatic

1. Vintage Movie Posters. Nothing makes a room look classy like a vintage movie poster. I especially like the design for this Criterion Collection DVD cover for Vivre Sa Vie. ($25)

2. Oscilloscope’s “Circle of Trust.” Founded by the late Adam Yauch, Oscilloscope acts as a film production and distribution company as well as a recording studio. They have a distinct taste for fresh, off-beat, cutting-edge films (my latest favorites include their recently acquired ONLY THE YOUNG and HELLO I MUST BE GOING). By joining The Circle of Trust, you get their next 10 releases on DVD or BlueRay as well as a bunch of other cool perks, which have included cool swag like books and pocket protectors in the past! ($99)

3. Festival Passes to Frameline. You get to be in San Francisco during Pride and enjoy one of the best film festivals I’ve ever attended. The city was buzzing with gay enthusiasm and I got to watch fantastic new gay films for all over the world. ($725-$5000)

4. Make a Trailer. Here’s the DIY option: Make a trailer for a biopic based on your lady’s life. I did this for my GF on Valentine’s Day last year and I still don’t know how to top it. I came up with the concept for a movie based on her life and then shot it using barbie dolls as actors. My one regret is that I did all the voices, so I find it a bit humiliating to watch. Ask your friends to help with the dialogue. (varies, depending on skill level)

— Desiree Akhavan

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