’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

The Merry Mombian

There are enough mom gift guides out there to make you want to slam your head in a door. All of them assume that moms are totally obsessed with their kids, like frilly crap, or wear jewelry. We know that not every gay mom feels that way (although plenty do, so know your audience). Here are a few ideas for the gay mom in your life. Know what kids come with? Tons and tons of stuff and at some point during every trip out of the house they are going to ask you to carry it because they are kids and by some miracle their arms never work outside the home. So why not give the mom in your life a great bag to carry and to fill with her kids’ junk.

1. Babysitting. Are you totally broke but love kids? Offer to babysit. Seriously. Offer it before the holidays so she can go shopping without kids in tow, offer to babysit so she and her partner can go out to eat, to a movie, to get her haircut, or to simply leave the house without kids. (varies, depending on your kindness level)

If you have a little dough offer to babysit and send the moms out for dinner, a movie, a concert, to the roller derby, whatever they like to do. It doesn’t have to cost a lot just get them the hell out of the house. They will thank you, I promise.

2. Customized Kid Mug. If you want to get her kids involved, try one of these giant mugs. They hold enough coffee for her to get through the morning and you can fill them with pictures to make her laugh or soothe her frazzled nerves. Pair it with some good tea or coffee, or cocoa mix and some booze depending on what kind of mom she is. ($25.99)

3. Timex Slip-Thru Weekender. Now that she has kids she will never be on time again but that doesn’t mean she won’t try. I love these watches because they aren’t super expensive and they have a bunch of different bands to fit all sorts of personalities from preppy to girly. ($45-$50)

4. Customized Converse Sneakers. If your lady likes sneakers pop over to Converse and design a pair that suit her. I especially like these with the Batman logo, since moms have secret super powers, too. They’ll be a nice addition to her wardrobe while nothing fits quite right and something she can keep wearing when she’s back to her old self. You can also give a gift card to the site so she can build some for herself. ($75)

5. Ralph Lauren Messenger Bag. Depending on the mom, she might like a girly bag, but you can find those in every “gifts for her list” ever. So here’s one I love this because it looks badass but also has pockets for you’re the little darlings junk. ($100)

— Lucy Hallowell

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