’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

High-Maintenance Femme

1. A bauble for her bottle. For better or worse, high-maintenance femmes pay attention to tiny details. That’s why she’ll appreciate this pretty floral wine stopper. Why stick a plain cork back into an unfinished bottle when you could use this instead? ($10)

2. Designer bubbles. Turn your girl’s morning shower or relaxing bubble bath into a spa-like experience with Oscar de la Renta bath gel. A daily dose of luxury keeps the high-maintenance femme happy – which, as you know, is good news for you. ($39)

3. Fashionable muffs. No, not that kind of muff. I’m talking about the kind that keep your ears warm without messing up your hair. The high-maintenance femme doesn’t want to freeze all winter, but she does want to arrive in style with her hairstyle intact. These J. Crew shearling ear muffs will help her do both. ($118)

4. Luxurious robe. You can’t expect a high-maintenance femme to lounge around in a regular old terry cloth robe. Her delicate and luminous skin requires something much finer, like cashmere. This super-soft cashmere robe will keep your lady warm and cozy all winter long. I tried it on once and did not want to take it off. It’s normally $400, but is on sale for $249 at Bloomie’s. You’re welcome. ($249)

5. High-style iPad case. She may look like she sits around brushing her hair and re-applying her lipstick all day, but chances are your high-maintenance femme actually has some work to do. Help her do it in style with a Marc Jacobs iPad case that looks like a high-end handbag. Sure, it costs more than the iPad itself, but when Apple introduces its latest and greatest tablet, rendering older models obsolete, this beauty will still be in style. ($495)

— Meg Streit

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