’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

The Relocating Lesbian

As one of the many people I know who have uprooted their lives recently, I thought I’d include some gifts for people who probably spent their hard-earned cash on cleaning supplies and bubble wrap in lieu of anything fun for their new maxi pad. I’m not saying my friends should be getting me anything, but I’m not not saying they shouldn’t get me anything.

1. A Framed Photo. Your friend probably misses you just as much as you miss them, so why not treat them to a picture frame with a photo of your pretty face already included? Or, you could go the route I usually take and include the least flattering picture of yourself that you can find. That usually brings a smile to any face and if it doesn’t, at least they might miss you a little bit less. This is also a great way to be thoughtful while reminding your pal to remember you. ($9.99+)

2. Wall Adhesives. If you’re looking to go the cool, unexpected and utterly practical route, I’d highly suggest sending your friend repositionable blackboard and/or dry erase board vinyl wall adhesives. These are great for to-do lists, to-buy lists, an impromptu game of Pictionary or for their new (but certainly not cooler) friends to write fun messages on when they come to visit. I’m buying myself a few right now! ($9.99+).

3. A Helpful Poster. A great way to make sure your friend doesn’t spend their time crying on the phone with you while aimlessly wandering their new streets is to get them a nice map of their new surroundings as a poster to frame in their bedroom or hallway. There are a lot of different map styles to choose from and they range from elegant to casual but very useful. I’m a big fan of the less-helpful minimalist neighborhood and subway line maps but I am the poster-child (no pun intended) for the person who needs a very detailed and realistic subway map. ($8.99)

4. Table Topics. It’s difficult to move anywhere but it’s especially difficult to move to an area where you barely know anyone. If your friend is moving in with people they met on Craigslist, chances are they haven’t had the chance to sit down and connect on a deeper level. In order to break the ice and get to know the people they’ll soon be cursing out for taking too long in the shower or eating your friend’s leftover pizza, send them off with a Table Topics card game. The set comes in a cute glass holder with questions already written for them so nothing comes across as being accusatory or passive-aggressive. You may want to pair this with the cocktail party gift basket if you’re feeling generous. ($29.95)

— Mia Jones

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