’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

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Pop Culture nerds come in all shapes, sizes and fan-fiction circles. Thankfully there is something for just about everybody out there and we no longer need to scour eBay for hours just to find it and eventually be outbid by someone more wealthy and ruthless. Whether the recipient of your gift is a regular at Comic-Con, loves whatever trends Urban Outfitters are selling on a given day or just really has a thing for Steve Buschemi, we’ve got you covered.

1. MunchStaches. There’s no telling how this trend got started but mustaches seem to be popping up everywhere and on everyone these days. Turn your geek into chic and then right back to geek again with these delicious MunchStaches. The set of cookie cutters (which can also be used as stampers) comes with five distinct mustachioed designs so that the mustache party never has to end. I will stop myself before the double entendres begin. ($11.49)

2. Pic Punch. For your music-loving friend who either collects guitar picks from concerts they’ve seen or actually uses them because they are badass guitar players, a handy pick-punch is a fun and, I would assume, economical gift that will last as long as your friend’s hobby or music career does. I haven’t tried this product out yet but I’d bet you could use it to punch pick-shaped things in other fun objects as well! Party on. ($25)

3. French directors coaster collection. Have you spent years looking for the perfect gift to get for that one film-loving, Francophile friend? I’ll bet she has tons of wine glasses but how about coasters? Give her the gift that will let her proudly display her superior taste in cinema while ensuring her furniture doesn’t lose its value from ugly condensation or spillage stains: The Favorite French Directors coaster collection. ($45)

4. Furby. For your pals who are parents with an evil side, Furby dolls are still around and are apparently still possessed by the devil (when the devil isn’t busy burning toast in this woman’s kitchen appliances). Since the creep factor is pretty high with this one, I have a good feeling the resell value of these little monsters will be worth big bucks 20 years from now. So remember: This isn’t just a gift; this is an investment. ($54)

5. Fangtasia sign. You don’t have to wait for the next season of True Blood to start before getting into Fangtasia thanks to this completely impractical, but still pretty awesome, miniature neon Fangtasia sign. ($89.99)

— Mia Jones

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