’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

Gay for the Gym Girl

Are you shopping for a lady athlete, fitness freak, or any woman who’s totally gay for the gym? Whether or not you share her obsession with getting sweaty in a tiny enclosed space or you’d prefer to watch women play the field, here are a few gift ideas that will make your special someone (or your gym buddy that you might like to become your special someone) very happy this season.

1. Specialty classes for two. If your partner is a fitness freak and you’re looking for a fun way to work out together, you can’t really go wrong with a gift of fun, specialty workout classes that you can participate in together. Want to Zumba the night away together, or try an aerial fitness class? Check out local gyms and dance studios for rates and offerings. (varies)

2. Winning Threads. Nothing is hotter than an athletic woman in the right outfit. We still love Nike for workout clothes that look sleek without being too frilly (shopping for a very femmey athlete? There’s plenty of Lulumelon out there). For game days, nothing beats Under Armour’s lineup of performance boyshorts and sports bras, available in standard sizes and cup sizes. ($50-$200)

3. iPod Nano. If she doesn’t already own one of these tiny, candy-colored devices, now’s the time to chip in. These are absolutely ideal for the gym, with touch functionality and Nike+ and a pedometer built right in. ($149)

4. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. If she’s a fitness freak, chances are good that she’s a runner, and this totally sexy little piece of kit is one of the few GPS running watches that doesn’t resemble an ’80s Navy Seal knockoff. Stylish and light, this will do the job without weighing her down. ($169)

5. Dream competition. Has your gym junkie always wanted to compete in, say a Tough Mudder or a century ride, but she hasn’t been able to cough up the cash? Grab her admission to the event of her desire, and kick in a little piece of race paraphernalia to complete the package. Note that this particular idea requires you know her schedule a bit, so save this one for close friends and partners/wives/girlfriends. ($90-$155)

— Danielle Riendeau

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