’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012


Beer Drinking Queer

There is no end to the ways you can lavish your Beer Drinkin’ Queer with love, from tasty brews to trips for two. A word of warning, though: These suggestions are for ladies who really love beer and the art of beer-making. If your giftee is the kind of gal who always reaches for lime-flavored light beer, these probably aren’t for her. If, however, your giftee is the the kind of gal who knows the difference between a Dubbel and a Tripel, read on!

1. Dinner for two at a microbrewery. Beer Drinkin’ Queers love to sample beers, which makes microbreweries the perfect place to celebrate the holidays. Most microbreweries offer sample flights of their entire selections, ranging from four to forty beers. And the best part is that your lady love gets to share the experience with you. ($40)

2. Personalized “tree trunk” pilsner glasses. Yes, it’s an`engraving of a tree trunk with your initials carved into it. Yes, it looks like an actual tree trunk once its filled up with beer. Yes, it’s adorable and also kind of gross, depending on which side of sappy you reside. (I think it’s adorable.) Find it at Uncommongoods. ($80)

3. Beer of the month club. These clubs do all the hard work for you, selecting a case of hard-to-find microbrews and craft beers every month and delivering them right to your Beer Lovin’ Queer’s doorstep. Most of the best clubs are kind of pricy, so you can test it out with a three-month subscription before you go all in for a year. Try: Gourmet Monthly’s Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club, which lets you choose between domestic, international, and mixed packages. (Check out for discount codes!) ($30-$50/month)

4. Home brewing kit. Lots of Beer Drinkin’ Queers want to try their hands at brewing beer, so why not bring the brewery to them. A home brewing kit provides everything your lady needs to become brewmaster of her own home. If you’re ordering online, try HomeBrewHaven, but if you have a local brew shop, stop in and say hello. Beer shops are the friendliest shops in the world. ($75-$200)

5. Beercation. Want to show some love by dropping some big bucks? Take your Beer Drinkin’ Queer on a destination tasting. Belgium, Holland, and Germany are obviously good choices. But if you want to keep it local, think of hitting up somewhere like Wisconsin. Sure, Milwaukee is famous for mass-produced “beers,” but there are loads of craft breweries to love in the state that just elected America’s first lesbian senator. Google can help you find a craft brewers guild in a state near you! ($1-$1,000,000)

— Heather Hogan

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