’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

Totally Gay TV Nerdette

Congratulations, you and your girlfriend have it figured out. Rather than spending all your time and money at the bar, you have your dates in bed where there is popcorn, blankets, and a clothing optional dress code. To help you celebrate those quiet nights in, here are a few gifts for the TV loving lady you spend them with.

1. Bomb Girls DVD set. Finally, if the two of you are looking for something new to watch, I highly recommend Season 1 of Bomb Girls, now out on DVD. This is one of the most overtly feminist shows on TV and features Ali Leibert as Betty, one of the greatest lesbian characters ever to swagger across a screen. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the series, since Season 2 will be premiering in January. ($20)

2. Team Paige T-shirt. Even if you and your girlfriend disagree about who exactly is on the “A” team, you can always be sure that you are both on Team Paige. With this comfy long-sleeved T-shirt, you can rock your allegiance wherever you go. Bonus points if you include a coconut cupcake with this one and EXTRA bonus points if you deliver this gift on a bicycle in the dead of night during a rainstorm. ($32.50)

3. Nick Offerman’s kazoo. It’s difficult to pick just one “best thing” about Parks and Recreation, but Nick Offerman’s mustachioed, meat-loving Ron Swanson is surely among them. Like his character, Offerman is an accomplished woodworker and peddles his wares on the internet, among them, this wooden kazoo. If you’re like me your heart is now racing with the knowledge that for only $42 dollars Ron Swanson. Will make you. A kazoo. What better way to pay tribute to the Li’l Sebastian memorial song or the entire catalog of Duke Silver records? ($42)

4. Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver. Tired of watching your favorite lesbian characters meet untimely ends? Wishing you could control your television with something other than your old, easily misplaced remote? Well the answer has arrived fashion in the form of an authentic Sonic Screwdriver. Utilizing the latest in Gallifreyan technology, this baby can flip the channels, adjust the volume on your ipod dock, and make any two female characters on your screen make out. OK, maybe not that last one. Yet. At $100 you’d better be sure about giving this to the Doctor Who crazed woman in your life (other than yourself). ($100)

— Elaine Atwell

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