’s Gift Guide for the Gay Woman 2012

The Practical Butch Fashion Plate

1. Bullet Design’s Bullet Cuff Links. Eye-catching even at a distance, these cufflinks hint at violence and deliver class. She’ll cross the room to get a closer look, chafe your cuff between her fingers then coyly meet your eye. ($20)

2. Imperial’s Classic Pomade. So you’ve got some newfangled hair product, but why not try a classic? It’s a nod to your history. When she runs her fingers through your hair, she’ll thank you. Especially if she harbors inappropriate grandpa fantasies. ($20)

3. Scatterbrain Ties’ Instrumental Oddities Tie. Featuring original pen and ink illustrations, this tie says, “Why, yes, I’ll meet your parents, but can we bowl ironically when we’re done?” ($28)

4. Kershaw Ken Onion Leek Folding Knife. Foldable stainless steel. Ultra convenient when you take her camping. Plus it’s unavailable in some zip codes. How bad-ass is that? Hang on, you’re just now finding out she hates camping? ($27-$91)

5. Estate Passport Case. Italy seems a good compromise. ($35)

— Sarah Terez Rosenblum

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